I sure hope this article finds all of you in our county and community doing well. It has been a “one thing after another” for me these past few weeks. Just before we left for Texas to visit Kenneth’s mother, my computer went down, really down! I contacted our wonderful “fix all” computer pros and had to get a new one. They were super on the ball to get one ordered, and I am now able to be back in business.

I do hope I can get this in by the deadline, my intentions were to complete the article today and that didn’t happen. Whatever I have picked up health wise, not COVID, has given me a very annoying cough. I spent today doping up on cough meds and a z-pack. Starting to feel well enough to attend our Sacramento City Commission meeting this afternoon, so now I am setting here to finish this article and submit it by the a.m.

There are several dates for you to remember: The Sacramento Lion’s Club Christmas Parade will be Dec. 4, beginning at 10 a.m. at the elementary school. No registration, but please be there to line up earlier. The Sacramento Fire/Southern District Fire Department and the Sacramento Commission and employees will join together for a Christmas appreciation dinner at the fire station, 75 Main St, Dec. 11 at 6 p.m. Bring a Dirty Santa gift, $10 limit, for a good time.

Sacramento Baptist Church and the United Methodist Church will have their “Hanging of the Green,” honoring all those family and friends we lost in 2021. Sacramento Baptist will be having fingers foods and a special guest following morning service. Check out the McLean County News for the date and time for the Calhoun, Livermore and Island parades.

Sacramento United Methodist is collecting unwrapped Christmas gifts for the residents of the Mary Kendell Home and are in need of hats and gloves for the McLean County Children Christmas.

A huge shout out to the Sacramento/Southern District Fire Department and the McLean County Sheriff’s office for the very successful day this past Saturday for the Guns and Hoses and Open House and Toys for Tots. The numbers of toys collected was over 300. This is what we do in this great county we live in.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy a wonderful meal with family and friends. We are going to our granddaughter’s in Georgetown, Ky., and will see our great-grandson for the first time. Looking forward to being with them and having a great day. Hope you do the same and all of you stay safe.

Happy birthday goes out to; our son, Eddie, Kenneth’s brother, Mike, Kay Roberts, Jeff Gaia, Misty Level, Dana Conrad, Denise Level, Jaci Beth Christian, Judell Coleman, Amanda Gibson, Emma Ferguson, Ashton Pfaff and Zachary Payton. Hope each of you have a great day.

Happy anniversary to Charles and Edna Bates and Jerry and Mary Ann Lee. Congratulations to each couple and prayers for many more.

Remember all those on the prayer list and those unspoken. Prayers requested for Kenneth’s mother. She is in the hospital with some complication with swallowing and some vomiting. Prayers for my sister, Youlanda Campbell, as she is having issues with the flow of blood in her legs and they have done two procedures to close off veins in both legs and another for the left leg. This is a procedure that seems to be helping, but the process of having it done is terrible. Keep her in your prayers.

Hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving and are always thankful for what we take for granted and thankful for all the blessings we receive daily. God bless each and everyone and keep you safe during this special holiday.

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