Here’s hoping it is a good week for you and your family.

Seems the weather is staying very enjoyable for the time being. Yes, we all know the time will come when the warm air will be moving out and followed by the season of winter. So many different thoughts of those saying we are going to have a bad winter or we are sure due for a bad winter. Well we all know the answer to this one, “we get what we get!” That is what is for sure. We just need to enjoy this warmth while we can and certainly able to hold off on going to heat. All indications are that fuel costs are going to rise by at least 11%, and that is only the prediction. Just be prepared for the cost of everything to go up, and the bigger thing is “will it be available?” Enough of gloom, the brighter thought is a prayer for all of you to stay safe and healthy. Hope you had a great past week and another one to follow.

Welcome back to duty, Tiffany Stringer, Sacramento water clerk. I hope you had a great Fall break and glad you got to spend your time with Jason, Landon and Noah. Hope you all enjoyed a lot of quality and fun time. Missed you!

Kenneth and I enjoyed an in-person church service Sunday at Sacramento Baptist. Hope you were able to attend your choice of worship. It was good to see all the ones there and the sermon brought to us by Brother Wendell. I must say what a joyous treat and blessing we all received from a special young boy and girl twins as they joined Joy in the song, “Way Maker.” These special twins of Heather and Russ Vickers gave us a burst of blessings as we listened and enjoyed the energy they put in this song. They were certainly singing from the heart. What a great thing to witness.

Trunk or Treat will be at the church from 5-6:30 p.m. Oct. 30. Bring the kiddos out for the fun of it all.

Celebrating birthdays this week are: Ann Ellis, Glenn Ellis, Matthew Gaia, Chelsea Capps, Brook Hall, A.J. Scott, Kitty Howard (Kenneth’s daughter), Dana Brantley, Greg Thomas, Marcella Burden and others celebrating. Happy Birthday!

Happy anniversary to Travis and Courtney Walker; best wishes on your day and many more to come.

Remember to pray for all of those that have lost a friend or family member and all those suffering with the virus and other illness. Pray for Dean Miller, Melvin and Katherine Cabbage, Jimmie Adams, Gary Brown, Lewis Johnson, Serenity Rager, Ronnie Cartwright, Sharon Prested, Camille Ariss, Eugene Caswell, Alice Fulkerson and Snowball, Charlie and Anna Strole, David Level, Little Keith, Lloyd Donahoo, June Davis, James Jones, Jr., all the churches and pastors, our military men and women, and ask for a special prayer for Allie Howard, she is at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. She will be calling it her home for the next three months for training. She is a little home sick, but very strong, and I know she will be fine. But Mamaw and Pop still worry. Thanks for the prayers for her.

Thanks to Island Mayor Vicki Hughes and Livermore Mayor Jesse Johnson for attending our monthly “Mayors” meeting at Sacramento City Hall. It is always a special time to get together and discuss and compare issues we all encounter each day. Always great to be able to talk to each other and help out where each of can. Never the fact to solve all the problems, but it’s great to know we’re not alone, and we all share similar issues daily. Sorry Judge-executive Curtis Dame could not join us due to another commitment. Thanks mayors for joining me in Sacramento. Look forward to next month as we will be meeting in Island. Hope you all have a great week.

Prayers again for all with needs in their lives and all the unspoken, hope you all stay safe and take care. God bless!

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