Good Monday morning to all of you and wishing for all to have a great week. How about this weather, so glad that ole ground hog missed his shadow and we can plan on an early spring. I guess we all are the same page there. Today I hear we have broken the record for the warmest day for February 3rd. Oh yes, we will take those record breakers all the time. Kenneth and I was driving home from Owensboro today (Dr. appts) and with the sun coming in the windows, he turned on the AC. Yes, AC in February, rarely heard of but happy to do it. I guess we don’t need to be gloating too much, Mother Nature is always listening and can change her mind on any given day, just enjoy it while you can.

While there are a lot of rumors going around about Sacramento Pharmacy, yes, it is true, the pharmacy is closed. I know this was a hard decision for Greg Henry to make, but we must all support him in doing is best for him and his family. The past 6 years has been great for all of us to get our meds locally, but sometimes things beyond our control take place. Most of you can remember the “town Meetings he held at the school to let us know what was going on in the pharmacy world. Your support then to let the legislators and representatives and the PM’s (Pharmacy Management Systems) know we do not approve of what they are doing. Greg let everyone know at these meeting what was happening and we all supported him in contacting the government officials and have them stop them from taking monies that doesn’t belong to them, they set the rates to whatever they want to drive the small private owned business out and keep the bigger chains in their pocket. People it is not fair, but it not fair for us to blame Greg for having to think of himself or his family to keep us happy. I know we will have to make other choices for our meds, but let’s all pray for Greg and his family as they too have to make changes and adjustments. I don’t have a date at this time on the “town meeting” but I’m sure it will be shared on Facebook or other news media. Thank you Greg Henry for choosing Sacramento as the place to open our pharmacy and for spoiling us with all the help support you gave to all of us and I wish you and your family all the best and hoping the Central City Pharmacy will flourish.

On Feb. 11 at 6 p.m. the McLean Help Office will be open for a community meeting to ask for suggestions and ideas on how they can better serve all of you. Everyone is invited and trust you will attend and share your thoughts on how this can better serve you. This is not an easy task for volunteers and not be able to serve the best they can with the resource’s they have to work with. Please attend and give those ideas and support to serve all of you better. Save the date: Feb. 11 at 6 p.m.

I hope you are taking all the precautions to avoid the virus’s out there and be very aware of the Coronavirus that seems to be spreading everywhere. Seems it is too late when diagnosed. So please be aware and safe.

The Ladies Bridge Club played at Blue Jay Café on Jan.29th and the winners are, 1st Place-Elaine Revlett, 2nd Place-Ruby Rickard. Congratulations to these and a big shout out to all the Ladies they love and play this game each week. Hope your week is great.

On Thursday night, Jan. 30, I attended a meeting at Island City Hall for more information on the 2020 Census, this is to let everyone know the importance of the Census, and to make you aware of the mailings you will be receiving at the beginning of March. The more of the mailings that are fill out and returned the quicker these counts can be made. I know, like myself, this is a mailing or flier we like to just toss in the trash, but the importance of this to make sure we are counted and end result could increase or decrease our chances of funding dollars for our State, County, and Cities. So make every effort to watch for this flier and return it as quick as possible. We must all be counted. I am by no means a Census taker, I have just been attending awareness meetings to pass on to you.

Birthdays I have for this week are: Joy Pendley, Laura Burton, Dana Sinnett, Ross Conrad, Glenda Stroud, Debbie Turley. Hope each of you a special and blessed day.

Happy Anniversary to Mike & Maxine Woodburn, hope your special was great and prayers for many more.

Hope you will continue to pray for all those on the list at your church and those you may know about. Pray for Sharon McLaughlin, Ms. Dean Miller, Mike & Maxine Woodburn, Dana Sinnett and family, Monzel & Edna Sinker, Doug & Mary Lou Rickard, Greg Henry and family, Jimmy Campbell, Mark Rickard, Johnny Hicklin family, Richie & Becky Smith, Miles Smith, Virginia Barnett, Walter Phillips, Lorna Sue Pierce, Jimmy Adams, Hayden Gray, Pam Brown, Kyle Rickard, Woody Pinkston, Holdyn Aldridge, Brenda Coin family, Roger Daughtery family, Alice Fulkerson, Lewis Johnson, all those in the Nursing Homes, hospitals, all the Military Men & Women, all the unspoken and always for each other.

Hoping you have a great week and just stick around, Spring will be here soon, the Ground Hog says so. God Bless!

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