Calhoun resident Nicky Kessinger has always found herself being interested in art and being creative while growing up in the West Louisville area.

But it wasn’t until Kessinger, 38, became a first-time mom with her oldest son Peyton that she decided to venture into one of the mediums seriously.

“I started taking pictures of him a lot,” she said, “We have three sons, and they (were born) back-to-back, so it just kind of started from wanting good pictures of my kids in our yard and in their little element.”

Eventually, Kessinger started getting requests from other people to take photos of their kids before it “continuously snowballed.”

In the last five years, she has been focused on taking photos of newborns.

“It doesn’t get sweeter than holding a newborn,” Kessinger said. “I always loved children and babies, but I think it’s just the creativity because they’re so little and the options are endless.

“It’s such a short little window that they’re that little, bitty, tiny baby (and) I love the idea of really capturing them in that little phase.”

Now, Kessinger has moved on from doing photos at her home into a standalone facility — Nicky Kessinger Photography — located inside the former home of the Vienna Lodge, No. 423, F & AM at 799 Walnut St. in Calhoun.

Kessinger’s offerings for shoots include a maternity wardrobe selection such as gowns for women to use, along with outfits for babies and toddlers, a variety of backdrops and “just about every prop that we could possibly want.”

She will also begin a birthday party package, where time will be set aside for a small group for photos while utilizing other space in the facility for cake and presents.

Since opening the doors at the beginning of the month, Kessinger has been happy with the support she’s received from family, friends and the community.

“It’s great,” she said. “Word-of-mouth has (been) a lot of it …; and this is typically what a photographer would consider to be a slow time in the year, but … it’s been good.”

And while she is able to enjoy what she does in a dedicated space, Kessinger said there are some obstacles and learning curves that come with the territory of taking pictures of the little ones.

“... It entails a whole lot. There’s a lot that goes into it as far as props, and wraps and all the things that you kind of need,” she said, “and I’ve taken a couple of in-person safety workshops, because that’s a big aspect of it too.

“They’re obviously so little they can’t speak for themselves, so you have to be able to watch for little cues when positioned certain ways. And they’re all different — every single baby and newborn has been different.”

But Kessinger likes coming into work not knowing what to expect and having a chance to expand her imagination with the photos she’s about to take.

“Every single day, I can make it what I want,” she said.

And she hasn’t lost sight of taking the leap of faith of making it a full-time career.

“I really just love it,” Kessinger said. “I love taking the pictures and I like once it’s on my computer and kind of editing and working with it on that side too. It’s just something I enjoy.”

For more information, visit the business’ Facebook page by searching “Nicky Kessinger Photography” or call 270-316-9288.

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