The McLean County Middle School girls’ basketball team recognized their eighth graders on Nov. 30 at a home game against St. Ann’s and traveled to Edmonson County this past weekend to begin the Green River Valley Conference Tournament. Both teams were victorious in the first round and will return to Edmonson to play again.

The eighth-grade players are Ashleigh Bobo, Keitha Long, Ann Marie Hayes and Hannah Hampton. The game started with a bucket by Kassidy Daughtery who immediately stole the next inbound pass under the basket and scored again. Daughtery put up a 3-pointer that ended the first half 18-10 in favor of the Cougars.

Daughtery had a steal and a long pass to Kamryn McMahon under the basket for another two points on the board in the second half. Ashleigh Bobo made a steal at half court and an assist to Madi Thomas for another bucket. McMahon made a pass from half-court to Ann Marie Hayes under the basket for another deuce for the Cougars. The eighth-grade team had a solid 36-19 win over St. Ann’s.

Both teams traveled to Edmonson County on Saturday to face Hancock County in the first round of the GRVC Tournament.

The Hornets had no sting against the Cougars who won both games by 19 points. The seventh-grade team jumped out to an early 17-2 lead in the first quarter and continued to leave the Hornets behind throughout the game. The Cougars had ten players on their roster who got points on the board and ended with a 39-20 win.

The eighth grade was more of the same with an early point gap that continued to spread.

The Cougars had more than doubled the Hornets’ score at the half and ended with a 43-24 win. Kamryn McMahon led the Cougars with 11 points followed by Hannah Hampton with eight.

The seventh-grade team will face off against Edmonson and the eighth-grade team goes up against Grayson County for the next round.

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