MCHS Fall Sports information about capacity and tickets is all subject to change as guidelines are updated under our current circumstances, so please refer to the McLean County High School Facebook page for details and the most up-to-date information.

The KMA has requested that we follow a protocol of capacity based on 3 segments. The segments are a period of time, with capacity levels increasing with each new segment.

For home games, spectators are to wear masks at all times and try to maintain six feet social distancing at all times. MCHS will announce these requirements multiple times throughout the game and any non-compliant spectators will be escorted off the premises.

All visiting teams and officials will be checked for temperature and symptoms.

Tickets for both home and away football games will be pre-sold at the high school each week. A tent will be set up outside the school from Monday through Thursday for ticket pickup. Parents will be allowed to purchase tickets on Monday and Tuesday while Wednesday and Thursday will be used for sales of all remaining available tickets. Each player family will be allowed up to 4 tickets for purchase. The number of tickets available for sale each week will vary depending on the capacity level allowed by each segment date for home games and the capacity of the host stadium for away games.

Each ticket will include a temperature check and a list of symptoms. Every spectator must answer the symptom questions and have his or her temperature checked before entering the stadium. Each ticket will have the spectator’s name and phone number for contact tracing purposes. Tickets will be handled by school employees on the night of the contest.

Soccer and volleyball tickets will be sold at the door for all games and all spectators will abide by the temperature and symptoms protocols before entering the building. Number of tickets available will be determined same as stated above.

For those fans who can’t purchase a ticket, streaming services will be available through for all home football games and away games if permission is granted by host school. There will be a charge $9.95 for each game this year. Please see MCHS FB page for additional information on this service.

Please be courteous during this time as all efforts are being made to give athletes the opportunity to play.

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