The McLean County High School weightlifting team participated in the 3rd Annual Bench and Clean Championships at Apollo High School on March 7. There were 225 athletes competing from nine different schools in Kentucky and Indiana. McLean County swept all three divisions placing 1st in girls, freshman/sophomore and junior/senior.

Nearly every Cougar athlete achieved a personal record and some did so in both bench and clean at this event. The girls placed first overall with a team score of 55; Apollo was second with 36. The freshman/sophomore boys had a team score of 72. Christian County came in second with 66 and Apollo had 51. The junior/senior boys scored 73 followed by Christian County (69) and Apollo (45).

Several lifters from McLean County placed in their respective weight classes and earned points that contributed to the top honor that was earned in each division. The results by place are as follows: 1st—Connor Baldwin, Andrew Munster, Zanner Abney, Braeden Peercy, Trae Warren, Cameron Dukes, Wes Wells, Abby Humphrey, Crissy Markwell, Harli Adkisson, Jayden Howard, Carly Abney; 2nd—Gabe Whitmer, Morgyn Algood, Elijah Baldwin, Nolan Blade, Lucas Mauzy, Katie Knight, Makayla Kitchens; 3rd—Jon Tarrance, Caleb Stein, Elliot Evans, Brodie Cline, Cody Wilson, Zach Clayton; 4th—Kenny Brooks, Ryan Wood; 5th—Matthew Miller, James Haerle, Will Taylor, Drake Walker, Christian Butterworth, Tristan Koehler.

“The Apollo meet was another good opportunity for our kids to compete and they did just that,” stated Coach Justin Cook. “We had great production across all classes with multiple kids placing in their respective weight class. The younger guys really stepped up after the last meet. Once they got the butterflies out of the way, they produced like we thought they could.”

Head Coach Zach Wagner also shared, “I was very excited for our first place finishes and several personal records were set. As a coach, I was glad to see the 8th graders that not only competed against freshmen and sophomores, but placed as well and that is big.”

“The girls exceeded expectations with everyone placing either first or second in their weight class and hitting nine new PRs,” commented Coach Cary Hicks. “Three of the girls were very close to state records, which was a huge confidence booster. It helped put things in perspective for the entire team and they now realize just what they could accomplish in the next few years at the state level.”

Both coaches and athletes are disappointed with the Kentucky State Powerlifting Competition being cancelled due to precautions related to COVID-19. “We were looking forward to taking a good group of young men and ladies to the State Meet and really thought we had a shot at winning another state title,” commented Cook. “But circumstances out of our control changed that. Overall, we had two solid weight meets with numerous kids posting personal bests.”

Hicks shared, “The girls were looking forward to their first year; however, they are excited to have a full year to get stronger and be ready to break records at the next State Meet!”

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