The McLean County Middle School boys’ basketball teams hosted the Muhlenberg South Suns at home Dec. 10 for their only games of the week. Both teams were blinded by the Suns and came up short.

The seventh-grade team opened with triple 3s by Travis Phillips, Jaden Arnold and Connor Baldwin. The Cougars rallied after an early deficit and had narrowed the gap by halftime. A 3-pointer by Brady Dame tied the game early in the third quarter, and another 3 by Arnold kept the score tight, but the wheels fell off in the final quarter of play and the Suns won 37-23.

The eighth-grade game had the Cougars down by nine right out of the gate, but they fought hard to recover. Logan Patterson snagged an offensive rebound coming down under the backboard and

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nearly out of bounds, but went up strong and pushed defenders back to sneak it into the basket for 2 points. Patterson scored again under pressure and added a layup just before the half, but the Cougars were still down 12-27. Patterson opened up the second half with another bucket and had a later steal that he scored on as well. Jacob Clark put up a three-pointer and Dame had a good save on a ball that was headed out of bounds. Patterson had another steal that he scored on and Clark did the same, but the Cougars were unable to dig themselves out of the hole and lost 29-42. Logan Patterson led the Cougars with 12 points, nearly half of the team’s total.

The Cougars will be busy with three games this week before a well-deserved break over the holidays.

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