The McLean County High School track team competed in the Kentucky High School Athletic Association Class A Region 2 Track and Field Championships at Green County High School on May 24. The men placed fourth overall, the highest the team has placed at Regionals in the 18 years that Head Coach Gary Morris has served with the Cougars. Two senior athletes were Regional Champ in their event with an automatic qualifier to state. Elliot Evans placed first in the Triple Jump and Braeden Peercy placed first in the High Jump.

The men’s 4x200 meter relay team of Andrew Munster, Zach Clayton, Elliot Evans and Kadyn McElvain set a new school record at 1:36.43. The previous mark was 1:36.72 set on May 6, 2016 by DaRon Burroughs, Hayden Smith, Trevor Cheatham and Corby Moore.

There were 18 events scored at the meet. The following are the results for the men in individual events: Triple jump—Elliot Evans 1st , High jump—Braeden Peercy 1st (no misses), Kadyn McElvain 3rd, 300 meter hurdles—Kadyn McElvain 3rd, 4x200 meter relay—MC 3rd (Andrew Munster, Zach Clayton, Elliot Evans, Kadyn McElvain), 4x100 meter relay—MC 3rd (Andrew Munster, Zach Clayton, Elliot Evans, Braeden Peercy), 4x400 meter relay—MC 3rd (Braeden Peercy, Zach Clayton, Elliot Evans, Kadyn McElvain), 4x800 meter relay—MC 5th (Jesse Jones, Jackson Galloway, Aaron Ring, Caleb Stein), 100 meter dash—Braeden Peercy 5th, 200 meter dash—Zach Clayton 6th, Andrew Munster 17th, Discus throw—Jessee Wood 8th, Andrew Munster 12th, Long jump—Bryce Durbin 8th, Jackson Galloway 19th, 400 meter dash—Jesse Jones 10th, Braiden Davis 15th, Shot put—Chandler Moore 15th, Michael Woosley 22nd, 800 meter run—Ian Nelson 16th.

The women came in thirteenth with 18 events scored. The following are the results in individual events: 4x200 meter relay—MC 5th (Ellie Troutman, Rainy Willoughby, Ava Lannum, Bree Frailley), 4x800 meter relay—MC 6th (Rose Jones, Josie Martin, Rachel Ring, Rachel Schutte), 4x100 meter relay—MC 6th (Ellie Troutman, Rainy Willoughby, Ava Lannum, Rachel Schutte),4x400 meter relay—MC 6th (Rachel Schutte, Josie Martin, Rachel Ring, Bree Frailley), Long jump—Ava Lannum 6th, Rachel Schutte 12th, Triple jump—Rainy Willoughby 7th, Ellie Troutman 9th, 300 meter hurdles—Bree Frailley 9th, 200 meter dash—Ava Lannum 9th, Rainy Willoughby 20th, 800 meter run—Rachel Ring 13th, Josie Martin 14th, Discus throw—Cadence Woosley 17th, Emily Baggett 18th, Shot put—Cadence Woosley 18th, Emily Baggett 19th.

It was a very special night for McLean County Track and Field, according to Coach Morris. In addition to the two automatic qualifiers from Regionals, several Cougar athletes also qualified to compete at State after all results were official. McLean County will be taking the following relay teams: 4x100 (Munster, Clayton, Evans, Peercy), 4x200 (Munster, Clayton, Evans, McElvain), 4x400 (Clayton, Evans, Peercy, McElvain — with Caleb Stein, Aaron Ring, Bryce Durbin as backup). Kadyn McElvain qualified to compete in the 300 meter hurdles. Chandler Moore and Jessee Wood will be attending as alternates.

“We should make a lot of noise at State,” shared Morris. “The highest we have placed at State as a team is 10th in my time here. If we can put these events on the medal stand, we could be even higher this year. I was very excited that the boys placed 4th in the Region and put us in this position.”

McLean County will be competing in the faster heats in several events and has multiple athletes who are on the cusp of breaking current school records. The athletes are participating in the 2021 KHSAA State Track and Field Championships at the University of Kentucky today, June 10.

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