The McLean County Middle and High School track team celebrated their 2019 season with a banquet on June 3 at Calhoun Baptist Church Christian Life Center. Varsity letters were awarded to over 30 athletes. Track members were also recognized who received medals at the regional competition by placing in the top six in an event. Athletes who qualified to compete at both the middle and high school state competitions were also given special recognition.

The regional medalists for the boys were the following: Long jump -- Bryce Durbin, Triple Jump -- Elliot Evans, High Jump -- Braeden Peercy, 4x200 meter relay -- Andrew Munster, Aaron Durbin, Zach Clayton and Bryce Durbin, 4x100 meter relay -- Andrew Munster, Aaron Durbin, Braeden Peercy and Elliot Evans, 4x400 meter relay -- James Wood, Elliot Evans, Braeden Peercy and Bryce Durbin.

The regional medalists for the girls were the following: 300 meter hurdles -- Bree Frailley, 4x100 meter relay -- Madison Wilson, Bailei Walker, Natalie Patterson and Hannah Hampton. 4x400 meter relay -- Madison Wilson, Bailei Walker, Bree Frailley and Hannah Hampton.

Bree Frailley was recognized for representing McLean County Middle School in the 300 meter hurdles at the state track competition in Louisville. Madison Wilson, Hannah Hampton, Bailei Walker, Bree Frailley, Natalie Patterson and Alyssa Burrough traveled Lexington for the Class A State Track and Field Championships at the University of Kentucky. McLean County competed in both the 4x100 and 4x400 meter relays.

Head coach Gary Morris thanked the parents for all that they did this year and "especially Shannon Wood for communicating with the parents." He also thanked the coaches who made the season great: Allie Kirk, John Krieg, Natalie Ellis, and Kristen Mikulcik. Morris wrapped up it up by stating, "The season is over and now we look toward next year."

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