Community, passion, and staff: The three elements to Laurie's Souper Savor's growing success

Laurie Scott, owner of Laurie’s Souper Savor in Calhoun, stands in the main store on Oct. 18.

Though it’s only been in business for roughly four months, Laurie’s Souper Savor near Beech Grove has been off to a promising start.

“It’s been fun,” said Laurie Scott, owner and operator. “I’ve enjoyed learning everything (so far).”

After 21 years, Stacy Smith, former owner of Smith’s Super Saver & Hardware, announced in July they will no longer be running the show. Before long, Laurie Scott took over the business with her own flair while still making sure to be faithful to the customers and the atmosphere that the community has grown accustomed to.

“We just kind of took over where Stacy left off,” Laurie Scott said. “I tried to keep as much (staff) and as many people that she had here.”

(The staff is) incredible and treat the place like it is their own,” said Neil Scott, Laurie’s husband, who she affectionately calls “Mr. Fix-It.”

Laurie’s Souper Savor plans to have the same classic deli and market feel of Smith’s legacy, but will be gearing more towards a café atmosphere in the coming months.

Laurie Scott made quite the transition from being a secretary at a school to becoming a business owner. But, she knew that it was the right call.

“I was just ready to do something different,” Laurie Scott said. “I’m interested in the cooking part.”

“Laurie always dreamed of having her own place someday,” Neil Scott said. “Her dad was a chef by trade. ...She grew up cooking and (having) fun being around food. Her dream was to have her own place (and) enjoying her passion.”

And she had no fear.

“I don’t think we thought too much about it; we just did it,” Laurie Scott said. “Stacy was needing to let go and we were ready to do something.”

“The timing just played out,” Neil Scott said.

Laurie Scott took it upon herself to observe, shadow, and train under Smith every day since March in order to get ready for the transition of taking over the business.

Since opening up her own doors, Laurie Scott said that leading the charge has been a learning curve but that it has been going well overall, while still immersing herself more about the complexities of inventory and other parts of the business such as the hardware section and the gas station sector.

The store continues to offer the traditional fare of canned and grocery items, a breakfast and plate lunch menu, and desserts that Laurie Scott makes from scratch. Some of her specialties include carrot cake, Italian cream and strawberry cake.

Laurie Scott has also expanded the business in other ways, such as catering for the McLean County Chamber of Commerce, McLean County High School, and offering a selection of treats at McLean County Public Library’s Fall Fest.

The community has embraced the new venture with open arms.

“One of the coolest things of all is the people in this community that love this store as much as we do,” Neil Scott said. “It’s a special place.”

Laurie’s Super Savor, located at 305 Beech Grove St., is open from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday — Friday. For more information and updates on daily specials, contact the store at 270-273-3573 or on Facebook at Laurie’s Souper Savor.

Karah Wilson,

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