Sawyer Ring leads the pack in the 1600 meter relay at the track meet held at Caldwell County on March 16. Ring placed 8th in the event.

The McLean County High School track team opened the 2023 season with a meet at Caldwell County High School on March 16. The women and the men both placed 5th overall with 15 events scored.

A few athletes achieved a personal best at this Meet. Jackson Galloway got 3rd in the 400 meter run with a PR time of 1:02. Sawyer Ring got a personal best in the 1600 meter run with a time of 5:56.

The following are the results in individual events for the women: 4x800 meter relay—McLean 3rd (Kate Hayden, Rachel Ring, Josie Martin, Evy Thompson), Long Jump—Kashlynn Rice 3rd, Cheyanne Carter 9th, 100 meter dash—Kashlynn Rice 6th, Hannah Smith 15th, Tatiana Rojas 19th, Lyly Chinn 23rd, 1600 meter run—Rachel Ring 6th, 4x100 meter relay—McLean 6th (Hannah Smith, Kate Hayden, Tatiana Rojas, Aubree Davis), McLean 8th (Lyly Chin, Evy Thompson, Juliet Cooper, Cheyanne Carter), 4x200 meter relay—McLean 6th (Tatiana Rojas, Evy Thompson, Hannah Smith, Aubree Davis), 800 meter run—Josie Martin 7th, 400 meter dash—Kinsley Cotton 9th, Juliet Cooper 10th, Abbigail Massey 11th, 200 meter dash—Hannah Smith 10th, Tatiana Rojas 11th, Evy Thompson 16th, Shot Put—Nicole Haerle 12th, Rose Jones 15th, Sophie Skinner 18th, Discus Throw—Sophie Skinner 14th, Nicole Haerle 15th, Rose Jones 16th.

The results for the men in individual events are as follows: Long Jump—Aden Bolden 2nd, Zach Clayton 4th, Jackson Galloway 11th, Triple Jump—Jackson Galloway 3rd, 100 meter dash—Aden Bolden 3rd, Zach Clayton 5th, Konnor Statts 12th, Elijah Brown 14th, 400 meter dash—Jackson Galloway 3rd, Maddax Osborne 9th, 4x100 meter relay—McLean 3rd (Zach Clayton, Aden Bolden, Kamden Walters, Konnor Statts), 4x200 meter relay—McLean 4th (Kamden Walters, Konnor Statts, Maddax Osborne, Aden Bolden), High Jump—Kamden Walters 4th, Jackson Galloway 6th, 4x800 meter relay—McLean 5th (Ian Nelson, Aaden Bates, Elijah Brown, Maddax Osborne), Shot Put—Kadun Rager 5th, James Johnson 13th, Discus Throw—Kadun Rager 6th, James Johnson 12th, Leland Thompson 17th, Trevor Howard 18th, 1600 meter run—Sawyer Ring 8th, 800 meter run—Aaden Bates 9th, Konnor Statts 11th, Ian Nelson 15th, 200 meter dash—Maddax Osborne 10th.

“It was great to get our first meet of the season in,” said coach Seth Lancaster. “Both the boys and the girls performed really well against some tough competition and bad weather conditions. We are a really young team, but they work extremely hard and I know that they will continue to get better every meet.”

The next track meet is hosted by Owensboro High School and will be held at the Owensboro Middle School track on Friday, March 24.

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