The primary election for Northwest magistrate saw Republican Luie Whitaker defeat fellow Republican Stephen Ayer for the spot against Democratic incumbent Matt Hayden in the general election.

Whitaker won over Ayer 173 to 84 votes.

“I feel good. …It was a good election and it was a close race and I appreciate everything Stephen had said and his comments that he made,” Whitaker said. “...I look forward to running against (Matt) but still … he’s going to be hard to beat. He’s strong, he’s committed ….”

Ayer said McLean County needs to progress regardless of who wins the general election.

“I hope that whoever wins understands there’s a lot more in this county that wants growth then there is that doesn’t want growth,” Ayer said. “All I want for this county is to grow. I want this county to move forward and come into the modern era.”

All other magistrate positions ran unopposed — Republican incumbent Joseph Lowery for Southwest magistrate, Republican incumbent Clay Troutman for Northeast magistrate and Democratic incumbent Robert Bishop for Southeast magistrate.

The race for Commonwealth’s Attorney for the 45th Judicial Circuit, which serves McLean and Muhlenberg counties, saw Democratic incumbent Clayton Douglas Adams be reelected over Democrat Daniel Sherman, Jr. 407 to 186 votes.

For the state representative race for the 12th Representative District, Republican incumbent Jim Gooch, Jr. won over fellow Republican Lynn Bechler 612 to 181 votes.

According to the McLean County Clerk’s Office, 1,437 votes were cast out of 6,943 registered voters.

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