Owensboro radio personality Chad Benefield said he has been battling COVID-19 for 11 days and described his ordeal as “torturous.”

Benefield said he first began feeling symptoms while filming a segment for WBKR at the Owensboro Museum of Science and History on Dec. 28. By that evening, he said he began feeling muscle aches, fatigue, migraines and body aches.

“I knew immediately,” he said. “I never get the flu ever. I never get sick, ever.”

Benefield said he experienced insomnia as well, not being able to sleep for a 40-hour stretch.

When asked how he was feeling on Thursday, he said, “I would like to be dragged out into the middle of the street and just run over. It would be great … It has not been fun.”

On paper, he said, he should not be experiencing such extreme symptoms. Benefield said he is in great shape and never would have expected COVID-19 to have affected him the way it has.

“I’m in really good shape. I exercise, I play tennis, I work out. I have a very high threshold for pain,” he said. “In 2019, I got kidney stones. I was in the ER doing updates on my morning show from the ER … On paper, I’m not somebody that this should affect this way and it has been an absolutely torturous 11 days.”

Benefield said, however, he is no stranger to quarantining. He said he has quarantined several times since the virus broke out while he was in New York City early last year. He said he has done his due diligence to keep from spreading the virus.

In response to those who do not believe COVID-19 to be a real threat and are not following social distancing and masking recommendations, Benefield said, “They need to stop it.”

“Another thing I’ve been hearing people saying that drives me crazy is they’ll dismiss this and say ‘Oh it’s like the flu.’ No, it’s not. I mean the symptoms that I’ve experienced have been the worst for me.” he said.

Benefield wrote an update for the WBKR website Wednesday discussing how the virus has affected him thus far. The piece is titled, “I am Ten Days into a Battle with COVID-19 and it’s Kicking My Butt.”

Although Benefield described his body aches as “somebody taking thousands of acupuncture needles and pressing them into every centimeter of your skin … and just occasionally taking a hammer and hitting them,” he said he is finally starting to feel just slightly better.

“I will say, and I hate to jinx it, but today is like the first day that I feel like I may have turned the corner slightly,” he said.

“I don’t feel great, but I feel better than I did yesterday.”

Christie Netherton, cnetherton@messenger-inquirer.com, 270-691-7360

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