In what is anticipated to be a $3 million project, the city, along with Daviess County Public Schools and developer Matt Hayden-owned Senior Green, LLC, hope to have a 2,600-foot expansion stretching from the rear side of the Downs Subdivision to the intersection of Kentucky 603 and Hayden Road completed by December 2021.

To make the extension possible, the commission approved the annexation and purchase of 24.28 acres from the Pantle family at roughly $100,000 per acre. For the extension, the city only needs 1.366 acres and will be selling the remainder of the property for what it was purchased for to Owensboro-based Professional Properties and Construction, LLC, said Nate Pagan, city manager.

“As far as this project is concerned, we believe this will be our last annexation,” in that area, Pagan said. “The extension will serve as the primary access point to the new Daviess County Middle School and will enhance the transportation network in that area, especially when the widening of (Kentucky) 54 begins. It will serve as a way to alleviate traffic during and after the highway widens.”

Aside from the city purchasing the property necessary for the right-of-way, the city will also help in the construction of the extension and be in charge of distributing a $500,000 grant provided by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

DCPS will make improvements to the intersection of Kentucky 603 and Hayden Road including the addition of a turning lane from Hayden Road to the new Fairview Drive extension. The turning lane will initially serve as a private drive for the school that will later transition to a public portion of the project when the entire extension is completed and dedicated.

Senior Green LLC, which owns the land northeast of the new middle school, will have the responsibility of providing the remaining portion of the right-of-way or property needed that was not acquired initially and to complete excavation of the project, Pagan said.

The groundbreaking for the Fairview Drive extension will be 3 p.m. Sept. 29 where Fairview Drive dead-ends at the back of The Downs subdivision, said Assistant City Manager Lelan Hancock.

“This entire project is a good marriage between the school district, developers, the city and the citizens of Owensboro-Daviess County,” he said. “Whether the development is retail, commercial or residential; any time there is a new development it is beneficial. We are excited by the potential of the opportunity.”

Jacob Mulliken, 270-228-2837,

Jacob Mulliken, 270-228-2837,

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