On Feb. 6, Tom Sobel brought his Louisville-based Comedy Caravan back to Owensboro for a performance at Bar Louie, 234 Frederica St.

On Thursday, Comedy Caravan returns with a 9 p.m. show featuring comics Brad Lanning and Melissa Doran with emcee Clint Hall.

Tickets are $10.

Now, Sobel said, he wants to introduce Owensboro to his “FUNdrai$ing With Laughter” program.

“Over the years, it’s helped groups raise in excess of $2 million, without requiring any risk or obligation,” he said.

“Combining comedy and charity is my passion,” Sobel said. “I consider this to be the ‘Help Tom Sleep Well’ program.”

Here’s how it will work, he said.

“We’ll provide groups that need to raise money for any cause with 40 or 50 tickets to a specific show,” Sobel said. “There’s no advance payment and no obligation to sell these tickets. Unsold tickets are merely returned to Bar Louie the day before the show.”

He said the groups can charge whatever they can get for the tickets.

“Bar Louie receives $5 for each ticket sold and the remainder goes to whatever charity or purpose they choose,” Sobel said. “No one is needed to organize or operate the event. They merely laugh all the way to the bank.”

People who are interested in the idea can email him at tom@comedycaravan.com or call 502-459-5532.

Comedy Caravan was a regular feature at Barnaby’s, 800 Second St., from 1984 to 1996.

When it closed, the comedy shows were never able to find a permanent home in Owensboro until now, Sobel said.

He said the Feb. 6 show at Bar Louie was “filled with people who fondly remember our Barnaby’s shows.”

Sobel said he hopes to eventually have shows every Thursday night at Bar Louie.

Most shows will feature three acts, he said.

But some will feature two and some will feature four.

Through the years, Sobel said he’s booked more than 3,000 comedians for more than 100,000 shows.

Keith Lawrence, 270-691-7301 klawrence@messenger-inquirer.com

Keith Lawrence, 270-691-7301


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