The Daviess County Monument Relocation Committee will hold its first meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 23.

The committee is made up of five members with two being appointed by Daviess County Judge-Executive Al Mattingly and the remaining three being appointed by county commissioners Mike Koger, Charlie Castlen and George Wathen.

The committee will be chaired by Aloma Dew and Wesley Acton (appointed by Mattingly), Kenny Barr (appointed by Wathen), Anne Damron (appointed by Castlen), and Tim Kline (appointed by Koger).

Fiscal Court voted unanimously on Aug. 6 to establish a committee that would help provide options as to where to relocate the 120-year-old Confederate soldier statue if it were to be removed from the courthouse lawn at Third and Frederica streets.

The statue, as with other Confederate monuments across the country, has been a point of controversy as racial tensions have escalated this year with the police-involved shootings of Black Americans.

While the committee is mandated to ultimately bring recommendations about the statue’s removal, the first meeting will consist of establishing the proper rules of conduct.

The committee will have six months to bring recommendations to Daviess Fiscal Court to consider and ultimately vote on, finally determining the fate of the statue.

For a group of “civilians” to take on such a galvanizing decision is nothing short of brave, said Daviess County Judge-Executive Al Mattingly.

“These people are leaders in the community and have taken on a task that will not be easy,” he said. “We have mandated that they listen to community input and bring recommendations based off of that input to the Fiscal Court. I appreciate their courage for willingly being a part of a committee created to weigh community input and ultimately aid the court in making the best decision for Daviess County.

“These people are civilians and not politically motivated, nor should they be. We hope that having community members take on the task of listening to the various ideas of the community and presenting those recommendations will aid us as elected officials in making the correct decision. They are doing this to serve their community altruistically and for that, they have my respect.”

The meeting will stream on the Daviess Fiscal Court Facebook page at 4 p.m. Wednesday.

Jacob Mulliken, 270-228-2837,

Jacob Mulliken, 270-228-2837,

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