With Daviess County’s Yellow Creek Park set to welcome visitors from across the nation during the Bluegrass Hall of Fame and Museum’s ROMP Festival this week, Parks Director Ross Leigh said it is a united effort by the county that works to ensure a great park experience for everyone.

“It is more of a county government response as opposed to just parks,” Leigh said Monday. “Essentially all of these forces that Daviess County has to offer are at the table between now and Sunday.”

Leigh said that includes the Daviess County Sheriff’s Department, which has been contracted to provide security during the event, Daviess County Emergency Management, which handles weather related issues and emergency planning for the festival, and even the county road department.

“If it were to rain and we were to need extra rock because the gravel road through the park is mudded out, they are able to bring in the big trucks with extra rock to help build up those roads for people to be able to get through the park,” Leigh said.

Now in its 17th year, ROMP attracts thousands to the celebration of bluegrass music hosted at Yellow Creek Park, 5710 Kentucky 144 this week.

While the parks department is responsible for the removal of trash from the site, Leigh said even that is a collaborative effort with the Daviess County Transfer station and landfill.

“The Daviess County Transfer Station provides large roll-off containers at the park for us to be able to put that trash in,” he said. So again, you have the landfill and the transfer station being a big part of what all takes place out there because you can imagine that many people generate quite a bit of trash.”

Leigh said the Daviess County Parks is also responsible for preparing the park so it will look its best. Grass is mowed, weeds are eliminated and the bathrooms are maintained throughout the event.

“That is our responsibility, to be able to make sure that our guests have a facility that they can enjoy and that we are very proud of,” Leigh said.

Leigh said it does not take as long for the parks department to prepare for ROMP as it did in the earlier years of the festival, because not much has changed in the actual organization of the event since it was first implemented.

“As far as the actual preparation, we have been going over and making sure that we have our supplies in place for probably the last month or six weeks,” he said.

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