For the next month, Daviess Fiscal Court has created community email address to allow input regarding the proposed removal of the Confederate statue from the courthouse lawn.

According to Judge-Executive Al Mattingly, citizens can express their concerns that will directly go to the elected members of the fiscal court via the email address publiccom

After Fiscal Court voted 3-1 on Tuesday to table relocating the Confederate monument until Aug. 6, Mattingly said the next day county government staffers were met with over 200 messages left after the meeting for the commissioners.

But even throughout the day, Mattingly said the calls just kept coming, forcing court staff to shift focus from their daily duties as they continued to ensure that calls and messages went to the commissioners. To aid staff, Mattingly along with court purchasing agent Jordan Johnson, created the email to field the concerns.

“We were getting such a volume of calls that our staff could not do their jobs,” he said. “There is a great deal to do in the daily operations of the county and volume of calls began to get in the way of those duties. I got with Jordan and we created this single email address that will lead to each of the commissioners’ mailboxes.”

The motion to postpone was presented by County Commissioner George Wathen and backed by commissioners Charlie Castlen and Mike Koger. Mattingly voted against the delay.

Mattingly said the purpose of the email is to take the stress off of staff and to ensure that the public’s input is take and given to the right people.

“It is a direct link to the fiscal court,” he said. “It will take the pressure off of our staff who already have a great deal of responsibility and will give the commissioners the opportunity to receive the community’s input on this issue over the course of the next month. If someone wants a single commissioner we can certainly direct them to their voicemail, but this method ensures that during this month delay that the court receives the input that was requested.”

Jacob Mulliken, 270-228-2837,

Jacob Mulliken, 270-228-2837,

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