Creme Coffee house has new owner, bakery

Brooklyn Patterson mixes in the flavor while making an espresso at the Creme Coffee Shop on Friday.

The Creme Coffee House, 109 E. Second St., has a new owner and an expanded business.

Adam Carston Patterson, who bought the iconic downtown business in 2017 and the building in 2018, said, “I’m selling the Creme Coffee House to my daughter, Brooklyn Patterson, and she will be adding a bakery to the business.”

“Everything will be the same,” she said. “But we’re adding a bakery. It will be The Creme Coffee House & Bakery. I’ll have cakes, cupcakes, pastries and muffins.”

The business has five employees.

Patterson said she won’t need more for the bakery.

“I’ll be doing the baking,” she said.

Patterson said she’s been doing carryout business during the pandemic.

But she reopened the coffee house on Friday.

State regulations say Patterson has to stay at 33% of the small building’s capacity for now.

But she said, “We have a big patio out back.”

Patterson said the Creme will continue its catering business.

“I think people will be getting out and going places again,” she said. “Everybody is so ready to get out of the house. They’re already coming and walking around downtown on nice days.”

Taking over the Creme is a homecoming for Patterson.

“I worked here when I was a senior in high school,” she said. “I’ve worked for several restaurants since then.”

Larry and Rosemary Conder bought the building in 2007 and opened the Creme a year later in the former antique shop.

It’s changed hands and management several times since then.

The Conders opened the business in the midst of the Great Recession at a time when downtown hadn’t started its multi-million dollar renovation.

But the coffee house’s urban chic look with artistically designed cracks in the plaster to expose the brick beneath attracted people’s attention.

So did its sofas, booths and an eclectic mix of furniture.

Keith Lawrence 270-691-7301,

Keith Lawrence 270-691-7301

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