A Daviess County Detention Center deputy jailer has been suspended without pay, while jail officials continue investigating a June 8 incident where an inmate escaped from Owensboro Health Regional Hospital and eluded capture for several days.

Meanwhile, the inmate, Mary Lou Eggleston, 22, of the 1700 block of Lee Court, is facing new charges for attempting to escape again from the hospital while under guard, and for attempting to grab a deputy jailer’s handgun.

Jailer Art Maglinger would not release the suspended deputy jailer’s name, but that the deputy is not believed to have helped Eggleston escape.

“Nothing we have would indicate criminal activity” on the part of the deputy, Maglinger said Thursday.

Eggleston escaped on June 8, when she was taken to Owensboro Health for medical treatment. Eggleston had been taken to the hospital by a deputy jailer, and she managed to get out of the hospital and take the deputy jailer’s vehicle, Maglinger said previously.

Eggleston and her boyfriend, Jayvon M. Fountain, were arrested the night of June 13 by city police officers, after law enforcement responded to a call of suspicious persons on East Byers Avenue.

Eggleston was charged with second-degree escape, theft of identity and unauthorized access to a motor vehicle (second or subsequent offense). Eggleston had pending charges for failure to appear at court hearings, Maglinger said. Fountain was charged with theft of identify and hindering apprehension.

Maglinger said jail officials believe the deputy jailer was not paying attention at the time Eggleston escaped. The deputy will remain on suspension until the investigation is complete, Maglinger said.

“OPD is obviously still working the escape” in addition to the jail’s internal investigation, Maglinger said.

Eggleston received new charges of attempted first-degree escape, attempting disarming of a police officer and third-degree criminal mischief, after again trying to flee the hospital Saturday.

Court records say Eggleston was taken to Owensboro Health for evaluation Friday, June 17, after she “stood on a table inside her cell and fell off on her own,” an affidavit from deputy jailer James Barkman says.

Eggleston was admitted to OH for treatment, with two deputy jailers watching her. On Saturday, Eggleston asked to use the bathroom, was put in ankle restraints and one arm restraint. A short time later, Barkman heard a noise overhead, knocked on the bathroom door to see if Eggleston was OK, and received a “muffled” reply, reports say.

Upon opening the bathroom door, Barkman found Eggleston was gone, reports say. Barkman told jail security to put the hospital on lockdown and ordered Eggleston to come out of the ceiling.

At that point, Barkman “heard a crashing sound in the other room,” reports say. Barkman looked in the room “and observed (Eggleston) had fallen out of the ceiling and landed on the floor.”

Barkman put Eggleston back into her hospital bed and was attempted to secure her when “Eggleston leaned forward and grabbed his personal duty weapon,” reports say.

Barkman knocked Eggleston’s hand away from the gun while striking her, reports say.

The escape and disarming a police officer charges are misdemeanors, because they were unsuccessful attempts, Maglinger said.

Eggleston is being held in the jail, and is scheduled to make her first appearance on the new charges Friday, June 24, in Daviess District Court.

James Mayse, 270-691-7303, jmayse@messenger-inquirer.com, Twitter: @JamesMayse

James Mayse, 270-691-7303, jmayse@messenger-inquirer.com, Twitter: @JamesMayse

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