Jaye Moseley stands inside her clothing store Excursions on Monday in Wesleyan Park Plaza that she is closing after 38 years at the end of February.

Jaye Moseley is closing the doors on Excursions, her clothing store in Wesleyan Park Plaza, by the end of February after 38 years.

But she’s not using the “R word” — retirement — just yet.

“I went to a lot of trouble to create a website last year during COVID,” Moseley said. “I want to use it. So, I’m going to still be selling on the website — shopexcursions.net.”

She hasn’t owned the store for 38 years.

David Hocker started it in Towne Square Mall in 1983 and moved it to Wesleyan Park Plaza in 1988.

Moseley took it over in 1990.

It’s been a rough year for women’s fashions in Owensboro.

First Macy’s and then, J.C. Penney, closed in Towne Square Mall.

And now, Excursions is leaving.

“We’ll be gone by the end of February or when the inventory is gone,” Moseley said.

“It has nothing to do with COVID,” she said. “And business is still good. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and I still love it.”

But Moseley said it’s time to move on.

She’ll be taking Molly with her.

Molly, the store’s original mannequin, is an icon, Moseley said.

“She doesn’t deserve to go to the dumpster,” she said. “I’ll take her home. She’ll probably be at my funeral. I’ll bet she outlives me.”

Moseley said that other than online sales, she has no plans.

“Maybe I’ll learn to juggle,” she said.

Moseley said she still has some of her original customers.

“I’ve helped them raise their kids and their grandkids,” she said.

One customer came in and bought everything in her size before the store closes, Moseley said.

She got her start in retail working at Sublett’s clothing store with Bobbie Sublett.

“She was a big influence on me,” Moseley said once. “Her and Jayne Mansfield at the Sandpiper.”

In 1985, she went into business for herself with J. Bailey’s Men’s Wear, located inside the Sandpiper on Veach Road.

Five years later, Moseley took over Excursions.

In past years, Excursions saw a lot of people coming in to select clothes and hats for the Derby.

They’ll need to come in early this year.

The “retirement celebration sale” began Monday with up to 50% off on merchandise.

Moseley wrote on Facebook: “My customers and this community mean the world to me. You have been a joy to serve and I have learned so much from each of you. We’ve laughed and cried and worn a million cute outfits! I don’t see any need for that part to change; let’s keep that up forever! Thank you all for your friendship and loyalty!”

Keith Lawrence, 270-691-7301 klawrence@messenger-inquirer.com.

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