Area students are eligible for funds in the second round of the Pandemic-EBT allocations, which are all expected to be delivered to families by the end of November, according to Feeding Kentucky.

The Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer program is a partnership between the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services and the Department for Community Based Services. The first round of funds allocated through this program happened in the summer. This round of funds will be delivered and determined in a different way.

The August and September P-EBT Stimulus package is for students who attended schools that qualify for free or reduced meals, students who, during those months, attended school virtually, students whose school went virtual at some point, and students whose school is using a hybrid model where they attend virtually for five consecutive days.

The cards work in the same way as SNAP benefits, which were formerly known as food stamps, but they are not food stamps. Any food for the household can be purchased with the P-EBT stimulus, including fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, breads, cereals, snack foods and non-alcoholic beverages, according to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

This specific stimulus package provides $5.85 per student per day of eligible missed in-person school days, and the cards will automatically be delivered to student homes, in their names.

Jared Revlett, an Owensboro Public Schools spokesman, said he has heard of families receiving the cards, thinking they were fake, and throwing them away. He wants to reassure OPS families that the cards are real and usable.

“The card will be sent to the address on student files,” he said. “They come pre-loaded.”

Sara Harley, Daviess County Public Schools director of finance, said an important thing for families to remember is that the school systems don’t have anything to do with the P-EBT stimulus. They are issued by the government and therefore school systems cannot assist with any issues regarding them.

The Pandemic EBT Act of 2020 was enacted by Congress in March but extended to include the months of August and September so states could continue assisting families suffering hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students began receiving their P-EBT cards in October, with the last cards being sent through November. Each child will receive a separate card and benefit amounts vary depending on the student.

For more information regarding the P-EBT stimulus, or how to use the card, visit, or call 855-306-8959.

Bobbie Hayse,, 270-691-7315

Bobbie Hayse,, 270-691-7315

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