Dr. Kahira Biernat, left, and her husband, Dr. Matthew Biernat, started practicing family medicine at Owensboro Health late last year. They moved to Owensboro from New York City with their 2-year-old son, Andrew.

Drs. Kahira and Matthew Biernat are quick to give their reasons for moving from the New York City area to Owensboro.

The Biernats, who started practicing family medicine for Owensboro Health Medical Group in November 2019, could have lived anywhere in the nation because family practitioners are in short supply across the U.S.

The couple chose Owensboro because of its size, beauty, central location and family-friendly atmosphere. And, compared to large health systems in the northeast, they preferred OH’s more focused regional approach to health care.

“We liked the feeling of getting to know everyone around town,” Matthew Biernat said.

He grew up in Poland until the age of 14. Then, his family moved to California.

As a young child, he became interested in medicine while looking through his mom’s college nursing books. Later in his academic career, he developed a knack for biology and studying the human body.

Matthew Biernat decided to practice family medicine because the idea of caring for people from the cradle to the grave appealed to him, and family medicine allowed him to treat a variety of medical conditions.

He places an emphasis on preventive care.

His philosophy: Treat patients the way you want to be treated.

Kahira Biernat grew up in the Bronx, a borough of New York City. Her move to Owensboro is the first time she’s lived outside the New York-New Jersey area.

From a young age, she, too, was drawn to medicine.

When she was trying to decide on a practice, she consulted with a couple of family members who were oncologists, but they couldn’t sway her from family medicine.

“I like that I’m the center of a patient’s health,” Kahira Biernat said.

She also enjoyed the thought of developing long-term relationships with patients.

In Matthew Biernat’s last job, he worked in an urgent care facility in New Jersey.

OHMG is Kahira Biernat’s first practice since completing her medical residency.

The two met — by chance — at an American Airlines counter after missing their connecting flights, leaving them stranded for 24 hours.

The Biernats married four years ago. They have a 2-year-old son, Andrew. A second child, a daughter who will be named Maya, is due to arrive July 14.

The Biernats are accepting new patients.

Kahira Biernat’s practice is at OH Parrish Campus, 811 E. Parrish Ave. For an appointment, call 270-684-1145.

Matthew Biernat’s practice is at the OH Breckenridge Medical Building, 1000 Breckenridge St. For an appointment, call 270-691-8040.

Renee Beasley Jones, 270-228-2835, rbeasleyjones@messenger-inquirer.com.

Renee Beasley Jones, 270-228-2835, rbeasleyjones@messenger-inquirer.com

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