Fiscal Court

Daviess County Fiscal Court Clerk Jenni Warren stands recently at the new, wireless podium in the Fiscal Courtroom as work nears completion in the renovation of the courtroom at the Daviess County Courthouse.

It’s been nearly 10 months since people could attend Daviess Fiscal Court meetings in person.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, meetings have been streamed on Facebook since March.

But Fiscal Court has used part of that time to renovate its meeting room.

Lanham Brothers was the lowest of four bidders at $52,900 for the contract.

Work began Dec. 17 and is being completed now.

Judge-Executive Al Mattingly said benches have been repadded, the walls have been painted, wiring has been upgraded and new carpeting has been installed.

A wireless microphone has been placed on the podium that people can use to address the court.

And the table where staff sits also has a wireless microphone.

Mattingly said, “We moved some benches for better accessibility for wheelchairs and created a press area.”

Monitors have been placed in front of commissioners and the judge-executive so they can watch any videos that are part of the meetings.

In the past, the videos were shown on a screen behind the commissioners and judge-executive and they had to move out into the audience to watch.

The screen is still there for the audience.

David Smith, the county’s director of legislative services, said five new cameras have been installed for online streaming.

“We used to videotape and audiotape the meetings,” he said. “Later, we added a DVD recorder. Those are no longer needed.”

New air vents have been installed.

The old ones created static electricity and left black rings on the ceiling.

There are new LED lights in the ceiling, making the room brighter.

The room still seats roughly 100 people, Smith said.

The county will be adding photos of past courthouses and former county judges and judge-executives on the walls, he said.

Mattingly is the 25th judge(-executive) since the office was created in 1850.

Smith said he’s been able to find photos of all but three of the people to hold the office.

The office was just Daviess County judge until 1977.

Keith Lawrence, 270-691-7301

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