A former Republican nominee for Kentucky Attorney General and past Hopkins County Attorney has been named in a lawsuit claiming he and his law firm committed gross negligence in handling assigned legal matters and withheld more than $300,000 from a client.

Todd P’Pool was named the defendant, along with the P’Pool Legal Group, in a lawsuit filed on Nov. 9 by Mariner Finance, LLC out of Nottingham, Maryland. The civil suit seeks damages for alleged breach of contract, conversion, negligence and includes a petition for injunctive relief and a restraining order.

According to an affidavit attached to the lawsuit, Bonnie Klapaska — Senior Executive Vice President and CCO of Mariner Finance — says the company employed P’Pool Legal Group as counsel in the states of Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana on Aug. 23, 2017.

Among other services, P’Pool was tasked with filing lawsuits to collect delinquent loans owned by Mariner.

Over the course of the employment, the affidavit claims that P’Pool collected substantial funds in the name of Mariner.

On Nov. 11, 2019, Mariner notified P’Pool that the company was withdrawing all files from P’Pool and terminated the attorney’s employment for cause, citing “various actions and inactions taken by P’Pool in the course of … representation of Mariner.”

The suit also claims that after P’Pool’s contract was terminated, his legal group continued to collect funds that were connected with Mariner customers and continued to provide Mariner with monthly accounting statements.

“However, P’Pool has failed and refused to remit the excess funds, despite repeated requests,” according to the affidavit, which claims that as of Sept. 23 of this year, the P’Pool Legal Group has $337,421.50 in funds that it has refused to forward to Mariner.

“The failure and refusal of P’Pool to forward the funds to Mariner is creating a hardship on Mariner in its daily operations, which will result in irreparable harm if P’Pool is not ordered to immediately remit said excess funds to Mariner,” according to the suit.

The lawsuit is also seeking fees for any losses Mariner incurred as a result of P’Pool’s alleged malpractice in handling the company’s collections. Mariner is also seeking punitive damages for P’Pool’s alleged gross negligence.

P’Pool’s attorney called the suit “baseless.”

“Todd P’Pool has provided exceptional legal services to clients for over two decades prior to him undertaking the representation of Mariner Finance,” said Louisville-based attorney Steve Romines in a written statement. “As Mariner admits in its own complaint, due to its own misconduct, it has been sued in multiple cases in multiple states and multiple jurisdictions both state and federal. None of Mariner’s alleged misconduct was the result of Mr. P’Pool’s professional representation, and this baseless lawsuit is merely an effort to shift the responsibility for their own misdeeds. We look forward to defending this matter and exposing it for the meritless farce that it is.”

Mariner’s attorney Joseph Michael Kelly of Louisville declined comment on the litigation.

P’Pool lost his run for Attorney General in 2011 to Democrat incumbent Jack Conway. He served two terms as Hopkins County Attorney (2007-2014).

No court date has been set for this case, according to the Hopkins County Circuit Court Clerk’s office.

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