Some people seem blessed with an endless supply of love, patience and compassion.

That seems to be the case with Eric and Andria Hofmann.

The Utica couple have three biological children and have adopted a sibling group of three. At times, they’ve also welcomed exchange students into the fold.

In addition, Andria’s parents lived with the Hofmanns for two years. The Hofmanns cared for the elderly couple, both of whom were diagnosed with cancer, until they died.

“(The Hofmanns) are just very loving people with very open hearts,” said longtime friend Brenda Sharp. “I know having their parents over there with them meant the world to them. Andria is always looking to help when there’s a need.”

The Hofmanns’ love and concern reaches beyond people. They’ve fostered and adopted pets through the years, too.

Currently, they have five dogs, two cats, two chickens and 30 ducks. The ducks had lived on a pond near Apollo High School, but, in that high-traffic area, they were in jeopardy. An animal shelter called and asked the Hofmanns to take the flock.

Now, Eric and Andria are opening their hearts once more.

They have started the Hofmann Family Care Home, a 1,000-square-foot apartment attached to their house. It’s the apartment where Andria’s parents stayed.

The Hofmanns are looking for a single resident or a couple who need assisted living.

Many homeowners might keep that apartment to house overnight visitors or turn it into a space for yoga, exercise, art or music. Not the Hofmanns.

“God has blessed us, and we feel like this is what we have to do and need to do,” said Eric, who works as an emergency room physician assistant.

On the front door of the Hofmann Family Care Home, a wreath reads “Home sweet home.”

The spacious one-bedroom, one-bath apartment is handicap accessible. The large bedroom window overlooks a serene landscape of lake, woods and pasture.

Andria is an interior designer. The apartment displays her talent.

Inspirational messages hang on the walls. Everything is freshly painted.

The apartment is handicap accessible and comes fully furnished.

If the tenant likes to garden, they are welcome to make the outdoor space feel like theirs.

Meals, laundry and utilities are provided. The Hofmanns will help with medication reminders and light daily assistance, such as cleaning.

“We’ll be a big part of their lives,” Andria said. “That’s why we want to make sure it’s a good fit for them and us.”

Although the Hofmann home is near the Ohio County line, transportation is not an issue. The GRITS bus comes to the house when needed.

The Hofmanns have a caregivers’ certificate.

During their research, the closest private-setting assisted living rental similar to theirs is in New Albany, Indiana.

They feel as though God selected this house for them. It had accommodations for a large family, along with in-law quarters.

Now, the Hofmanns are depending on their faith again to guide them to the right person or couple who will share their lives at Hofmann Family Care Home.

“We want someone we can be involved with and can help,” Andria said.

For more information, contact her at 270-316-9057.

Sharp said: “The person who lands in that apartment will be greatly blessed.”

Renee Beasley Jones, 270-228-2835,

Renee Beasley Jones, 270-228-2835,

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