The first Daviess County grand jury session of 2020 resulted in a number of indictments on violent crime charges, including a stabbing and an incident where a man allegedly broke into a home and attacked the people inside with a shovel.

The grand jury met last week and issued two indictments on first-degree assault, two second-degree assault indictments and an indictment for felony wanton endangerment in an incident where a man fleeing police struck a police cruiser and drove through a busy park.

The grand jury indicted Aung San Oo, 46, of the 600 block of Chuck Gray Court with first-degree assault (domestic violence) in connection with a Nov. 4 incident at the Chuck Gray Court home. Court records say Oo’s wife had a domestic violence order against him.

Reports say Oo and his wife, Ha Sa Nar Be, were having a dispute at 11:23 p.m., and Oo became upset that the couple’s children were making noise. Reports say Oo retrieved a knife from the kitchen and stabbed his wife twice in the abdomen and cut her across the face.

Reports say one of Oo’s daughters tried to intervene and was stabbed twice in the hand. Another of Oo’s daughters went to check on her mother and was struck in the side of the head with the knife, causing a laceration that required staples. The daughters called 911 and Oo fled the scene but was arrested a short time later. The grand jury also indicted Oo for violating a domestic violence order.

The grand jury also indicted Meghan J. Bratcher, 32, of the 1200 block of Venable Way with first-degree assault for an assault on a 4-month-old.

The incident was reported on Nov. 24 by staff at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital, reports say. Detectives determined Bratcher shook the infant and struck its head against a door, court records say.

DeAnthony M. Babb, 33, of Evansville was charged with first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary, first-degree strangulation and second-degree assault in an Oct. 28 incident where he allegedly attacked a woman and a man at a home on West 10th Street.

Reports say Babb entered the home of Ashlee Russell at 1 a.m., on Oct. 28 while she and her boyfriend, Rufus Anderson, were asleep. Reports say Babb, who was Russell’s ex-boyfriend, went into the bedroom, began yelling and struck Russell and Anderson multiple times with a shovel. Anderson was struck in the face, arms and body and later told investigators he was knocked unconscious.

Anderson fell out of the bed and Babb dropped the shovel and began beating Anderson with his fists, reports say. When Russell tried to flee, Babb began choking her and told her she was going to die, reports say.

Russell passed out and Babb fled. He was arrested on Nov. 10 and is in the Daviess County jail.

The grand jury indicted Charles W. Boswell, 47, of the 1200 block of Payne Avenue for a Nov. 10 incident where Boswell allegedly attacked his stepson at the Payne Avenue home. Reports say Boswell became angry with his stepson and struck him with his fists and a baseball bat.

Reports say Boswell struck his stepson several times with the baseball bat and then retrieved a gun. The victim and his mother managed to get out of the home and Boswell went back into the house after assaulting the victim again.

Reports say Boswell hid the gun and the baseball bat, which were later recovered. Boswell was indicted on charges of second-degree assault and tampering with physical evidence.

The grand jury also indicted Jeromy D. Parkman, 33, of the 1300 block of East 19th Street, for first-degree strangulation, first-degree fleeing police, first-degree wanton endangerment, third-degree assault (police officer) and reckless driving for an incident that began on Nov. 16 in the 1200 block of East 19th Street.

Reports say Parkman was having an argument with Tamika Horton at the home when Horton tried to leave. Reports say Parkman grabbed her and pushed her against a wall and began to choke her before pushing her to the floor.

A family member screamed for Parkman to stop and he fled the scene, reports say. Later that day, officers were called to Waymond Morris Park where they spotted Parkman, who fled the scene in his vehicle but was contacted by phone by police. Parkman was believed to have a gun and said he would only speak to officers in the park, reports say.

An OPD officer tried to block Parkman from re-entering the park, and he drove around the patrol car and through the parking lot and the grass at a high rate of speed while several people were around, reports say. Parkman later stopped and was arrested.

James Mayse, 270-691-7303,, Twitter: @JamesMayse

James Mayse, 270-691-7303,, Twitter: @JamesMayse

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