Gray hair will begin disappearing on Monday.

Do-it-yourself haircuts will get a professional makeover.

Ragged nails will be fixed.

The state is reopening barbershops/cosmetology/hair salons, massage therapy, nail salons, tanning salons and tattoo parlors on Monday for the first time in 10 weeks.

And those businesses expect to be extremely busy.

Bethany Norris at All About You Salon & Spa, 603 Salem Drive, said, “We’re reopening Monday. About half of us will be working. The others had already made plans for Memorial Day.”

She said, “I’m sure it’s going to be a wild ride after two months. I’m 100% sure that surprises will walk in the door. We’re definitely going to be making the gray go away.”

Norris said, “All our stations are more than six feet apart. But we’re putting in plexiglass around the dryers that are closer than that. Most of what we’ve had to do is deep clean the building. We’ve been working on that for three days.”

At Stovall’s Barber Shop, 1801 W. Second St., owner Sandy Stovall, a barber for 24 years, said, “We’re opening Monday. I’ve had almost three months of holidays. I’m ready to get to work.”

She said she expects to see a lot of shaggy heads in need of attention.

“And I’ll probably have to fix a lot of home haircuts too,” Stovall said.

She said, “We’ll have hand sanitizer. We’ll be wearing masks and we’ll have some for our customers. But we hope they bring their own. We’ll also be using disposable capes.”

Stovall said customers can’t wait in the building.

“They’ll have to wait in the parking lot,” she said.

Terry Pollard owner of Serene Relief Massage, 1722 Sweeney St., said he plans to reopen on June 1.

“If I get everything ready before then, I may bring in some of my regular clients who have had to miss appointments,” he said.

Pollard said, “Massage is very personal and physical. There’s a lot more contact. Our governing body was going to require us to wear gloves, gowns, caps, masks and goggles. But they listened to us and agreed that we could just wear gloves and masks.”

He said, “Clients will also need to wear masks. If they’re lying face down, we create a pouch in front of their faces in case they cough. It has to be changed after each use.”

Pollard said, “I’m very excited to get back. Massage is our gift. And our clients are very anxious to get back to massage therapy. People have been sitting in their homes for weeks. Your body gets stressed in times like this.”

Dee Ann Rice, one of the owners of Oasis Tanning Salon, 325 Park Plaza Drive, said, “We’re opening Tuesday. We’ve been cleaning and disinfecting for the past two weeks. We’re pretty well ready.”

The tanning business starts picking up in the spring in anticipation of spring break and prom.

“We missed the boat on that this year,” Rice said. “But the pools aren’t open, so tanning salons are the only places to get tans, unless you lay out in the backyard.”

She said, “We already sanitized the beds after each use. Now, we’ll be cleaning the doorknobs and bathrooms too.”

Employees’ temperatures will be taken before they start work and they’ll be wearing gloves and masks.

Rice joked, “Customers don’t have to wear masks in the beds. You wouldn’t want tan lines on your face.”

She said that only eight to nine of the 24 beds can be used at the same time.

At Shaka Tattoo, 727 W. Parrish Ave., owner Brian Benoit said, “I’m normally closed on Monday, but I’m opening this Monday. I can only work evenings now until daycare opens.”

He said, “I’m taking care of my kids during the day now. I have a new respect for stay-at-home moms.”

Benoit said, “I used to be a phlebotomist, so I’m very familiar with sanitizing. I’ll be wearing gloves and washing my hands. I’ll be working by appointment only for now and only one client at a time can come in the building.”

He said, “They’ll fill out a questionnaire about their health. I have a no-touch thermometer that I’ll aim at their forehead. They’ll keep their face turned away from me as much as possible and we’ll both wear masks.”

Benoit said, “I was a walk-in shop because I’m still new and need the business. But now, I’ll have to spend more money that I don’t have on advertising.”

But, he said, “I’m booked for the next three weeks and a guy that works with me is booked until mid-June. That’s pretty amazing.”

Benoit said, “I’m absolutely glad to be back. For tattoo artists, art is our lives.”

Keith Lawrence 270-691-7301,

Keith Lawrence 270-691-7301

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