Jennifer Hagan Tinius of Embellish Boutique was trying to think of fun ways to keep people who are stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic engaged with local businesses.

What she came up with was “Let’s Make A Deal,” a daily auction on Instagram of items from Owensboro stores.

“She has put together an Instagram page where she is auctioning off items from all of us local small business owners,” Debi Ford, owner of Simply Chic Home Accents, said Monday. “It started yesterday and is going strong.”

Tinius said eight items were sold Sunday and a dozen or so items were being bid for on Monday.

She said people can go to @letsmakeadealobky on Instragram to see the items and bid on them.

And stores that want to post items for auction can contact her that way.

All items are posted by noon each day and the auction ends at 6 p.m., Tinus said.

Pictures of the items are posted with the retail price and the starting bid, she said.

“It breaks up the monotony of the day,” Tinius said. “It gives people something fun to look forward to and it helps local businesses.”

So far, she said, all the bidding has been local.

Tinius said, “I have three kids, so I’m posting the pictures as soon as I can each day, but they should all be up by noon.”

The idea, she said, is to keep the Instagram auctions going until the pandemic is over and people can go out shopping again.

Keith Lawrence, 270-691-7301,

Keith Lawrence, 270-691-7301

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