The Daviess County Public Library has begun hosting a 10-week senior fitness program called “Bingocize,” which incorporates playing bingo with physical activity, that’s aimed at keeping seniors active and providing them with a social outlet.

After more than a year of many seniors experiencing increased isolation due to COVID-19, DCPL adult programs coordinator Lisa Maiden said she hopes the “Bingocize” program will provide a necessary outlet.

The library has partnered with the Daviess County Extension Office to host the program, which is an evidence-based health promotion program approved through both SNAP-Ed and the National Council on Aging.

“The benefit of ‘Bingocize’ is that it gets seniors together to socialize and do something fun, but it also incorporates exercise and tries to make that a regular habit that they participate in each day, even if they’re not in the ‘Bingocize’ class that day,” she said. “It is a good place to … have that face-to-face interaction that has definitely been missing from our lives for the past year and a half.”

The program is geared toward helping seniors improve or maintain mobility and independence, learn and use health information focused on fall prevention and other health-related behaviors while also engaging in a social setting.

The class incorporates physical activity into bingo by asking seniors to do exercises in-between bingo numbers being called.

Maiden said nearly all of the slots available for the class were filled when registration closed, and the class began earlier this week.

The first day, she said, almost everyone who signed up were present.

“That is very rare for a library program,” she said.

While Maiden said the first week of “Bingocize” was fun, there is still looming concern regarding COVID-19 among some of the members.

“I’ve heard several of them say ‘it’s so good to be around people again,’ and I’ve also heard people say that, while they enjoy it, they’re still nervous about it,” she said.

While some participants have voiced concerns about masking, Maiden said DCPL follows state guidelines regarding masking, so the library is unable to require masks during the program.

Christie Netherton,, 270-691-7360

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