Punk Rock Roasters

Longtime local radio personality Mike Chaney recently began an internet-based coffee company called Mike Chaney’s Punk Rock Roasters.

After nearly 20 years as a local radio personality, Owensboro resident Mike Chaney decided it was time to launch his own internet-based coffee company.

Known as Mike Chaney’s Punk Rock Roasters, Chaney said he has always had a passion for the beloved bean.

“I love coffee,” Chaney said Monday. “I have coffee pots on my desk in my studio, everywhere you go I have a coffee pot.”

Chaney said that he utilizes a variety of coffee wholesalers to offer up around 50 different varieties of coffee, with flavors ranging from a traditional breakfast blend to the more exotic cinnamon hazelnut and candy cane blends.

It was while living with relatives in Portland, Oregon during the 1980s that Chaney said he was first exposed to high quality coffee, realizing that the drink went well beyond the household brand names he was used to seeing on grocery store shelves.

“It opened my eyes to good coffee, and since then I can’t have bad coffee,” he said. “I have got to have good coffee.”

Chaney said he began his radio career around 2002, working as news director for Cromwell Radio Group.

He currently hosts an internet radio station titled Timeless Rock on www.live365.com.

“I have a couple of guys doing radio shows for me and I still do my punk rock show on Friday and Saturday nights,” he said.

While operating a coffee business might seem like a long way from the world of radio, Chaney said there are certain principles that carry over.

“It is all about people and making people happy; that is what you do in radio,” Chaney said. “You have to make people happy because they don’t want to listen to an old grump.”

Chaney said he previously managed his own Domino’s Pizza franchise and a Subway franchise, and he knows what it takes to make a customer happy.

“Basically, it give customers what they want at a fair price and a good quality,” he said. “Even if the price is a little bit more, as long as the quality makes up the difference, you are going to pay a little more to have something awesome.”

In addition to coffee, Chaney also sells a variety of coffee machines and a selection of mugs and coffee accessories. One question that someone might consider before purchasing a new coffee maker could be how many people in the household drink coffee. This will help prevent making too much coffee at one time.

Chaney said he has found that he doesn’t like coffee that has been sitting on a warmer for more than 30 minutes because it ends of tasting bitter.

“I shut it off and if I want a cup or a pot I will pour it in a cup and heat it up in the microwave, that way the beans do not taste burnt,” he said.

While the business is currently an online only affair, Chaney said he hopes to be able to open a small brick and mortar shop at some point in the future.

“It just depends on the success of my online business,” he said. “Something I have always aspired to, I would have a brick and mortar with lunch items, deli sandwiches, hot pretzels, maybe even soups and have that with my coffee.”

For more information, visit www.mikechaneyspunkrockroasters.com.

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