Animal control removes more than 40 cats from apartment

Photo by Greg Eans, | Officer Donovan Aders with the Owensboro Police Department carries two crates of cats from an apartment at 609 W. Byers Ave. Wednesday where Daviess County Animal Control took possession of close to 45 cats and kittens. Many of the cats are sick and will be examined by a veterinarian Thursday.

Daviess County Animal Control is seeking foster homes and donations to help with a massive number of cats overflowing the facility.

The shelter was already full before Animal Control Director Ashley Thompson received a call about a strong smell of cat urine coming from an apartment in the 600 block of West Byers Avenue. Clark said animal control officers were told there were about 15 cats there.

But when they served a search warrant on the apartment Wednesday, they found close to 50 cats inside.

"I know the first trip to the shelter, we took 24" cats, Thompson said. Shelter workers had to get additional cages and took 20 more cats out of the apartment on their second trip. A few cats were left behind because they couldn't be caught, Thompson said.

The apartment's occupant told Thompson some of the cats were strays and others were from litters that had been born in the apartment.

"A lot of them are sick" and will be examined by a veterinarian on Thursday, Thompson said. The apartment's occupant could be charged with cruelty to animals because the cats were sick and had not received medical care, Thompson said, although no charges had been filed as of Wednesday afternoon.

The cats from the home are being held in a separate room at the animal shelter. Thompson said many of the cats are feral and might not ever be able to be adopted.

"Maybe we can find rescues for them, but I'm not optimistic," Thompson said. "Shelters are overwhelmed already."

But the shelter is already full of cats that could be placed in homes, and the shelter is in need of people to foster cats.

"It's kitten season already, so we are already overwhelmed with cats," Thompson said. "... We really need foster homes now for the kittens we have already."

The shelter is currently receiving about 30 cats each week, but Thompson said "that might be on the low side."

Thompson said anyone interested in fostering a cat should call the animal shelter at 270-685-8275. Donations for dry cat food, canned kitten food, cat litter and cat toys are also needed, she said.

James Mayse, 270-691-7303,, Twitter: @JamesMayse

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