CYO offering to host Karaoke for a Cause

Drew Mitchell, CYO Brewing

If you're a nonprofit needing to raise money, Drew Mitchell, owner of CYO Brewing, 119 E. Second St., has a deal for you.

Mitchell said he wants to host Karaoke for a Cause twice a month and is looking for nonprofits to stage them.

"We have done a couple nights in the past for the (Greater Owensboro) Realtors Association and raised nearly $900 each night for Aid the Homeless," he said Friday.

There is no cost to host or participate at Karaoke for a Cause, Mitchell said.

"The concept is pretty simple and requires minimal work for the nonprofit group," he said.

Mitchell said CYO Brewing has karaoke at 8 p.m. every Thursday.

On Karaoke for a Cause nights, he said, "We host a special karaoke contest featuring five to 10 participants."

Most are affiliated with the group that's raising money that night, Mitchell said.

He said the crowd votes for their favorite karaoke singer by buying voting tickets.

All the proceeds go to the nonprofit, Mitchell said.

CYO will also donate 10% of its sales that night, he said.

"The main task of the featured group is to help promote the event to bring out a crowd and make it to where we can raise more money," Mitchell said.

He said, "We also look to the group to have one or two point people that are comfortable speaking about the cause we are raising money for that evening."

People interested in participating can contact Mitchell at or call 270-240-4031 and leave a message, Mitchell said.

Keith Lawrence, 270-691-7301,

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