Dame wins McLean judge-executive race

Curtis Dame

Republican candidate Curtis Dame was elected McLean County judge-executive with a total of 1,554 votes on Tuesday.

Dame ran against Democrat Earl Melloy and current Judge-Executive Edward West, a Republican write-in candidate.

Dame currently works as a Hopkins County extension agent through the University of Kentucky and said his experience in economic development and community-building makes him suitable to fill the position of judge-executive.

"I'm very humbled by the results," Dame said. "Throughout this process, there's been two other candidates that have been very dedicated to the county and I really try to push transparency, accountability, and honesty … that was my major platform."

Dame said he believes a lot of people voted the straight Republican ticket, which benefited him.

One of the first things he plans to do as judge-executive is to implement a Facebook live policy for all fiscal court meetings so that everyone has access to what decisions are being made, no matter where they are.

He said he will focus on teamwork moving forward and seek insight from those around him.

"I respect the other candidates and hopefully, if they agree to it, I would like their insight going forward because it is going to take some major teamwork to move us forward. I think that is what most of McLean County would like," Dame said.

Melloy said that while he put his heart into his campaign, he was not surprised with the results.

"In McLean County, there was a straight Republican ticket vote … I feel like I ran a very positive campaign. I tried to knock on as many doors as I could and I believe if I knocked on every door in the county, the results probably would've been the same," Melloy said. "I don't take it personal at all."

Melloy wished Dame luck with the position and said that he does not plan on running for any city or county positions in the future.

West said he was disappointed, but that he knew running as a write-in candidate would be tough and he is proud of how he ran his campaign.

"I didn't get to do the door-to-door that they did. We didn't have time. The citizens paid me to do my job," West said.

West said he is proud of what he and the county were able to accomplish during his time as judge-executive.

"We just tried to find a way to bring this county forward in a way that's fair to everyone," West said. "It was one of the greatest honors of my life to be appointed by the governor of the state of Kentucky to help get us through the crisis we faced."

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