I had a great mother. All of you had or have great mothers and all of those great mothers had great mothers.

What that amounts to is a world of love and caring, along with concerns and worry.

I don’t know that I ever opened a Webster’s Dictionary to the page describing a mother and I doubt if it would paint a true picture. After all, that definition would have to start at the moment of conception and carry through a lifetime.

One thing I do know. Today — Mothers’ Day — is only one day out of a year and not nearly enough time of recognition to pay ample homage to mothers.

I’ve written several Mother’s Day columns in my career as a journalist and I’m sure none of them have come close to getting the job done.

I know memories only as far back as the human mind will allow but I’ve always wished I could have seen my mother’s face the first time she held me with a loving smile.

OK! OK! I know a lot of you are thinking she probably wanted to put me back in for a sizable makeover.

But that didn’t happen. Like the great mom she was, the love she first experienced joined hands with the love she had for her first four children and I was an official tagalong.

And that’s the way it was and will always be with a vast majority of mothers. The responsibility instilled in them by a much higher source set an unequaled standard for life and living.

So here we are on another Mothers’ Day and those lucky enough to still have their moms are going full steam ahead in showing their love and appreciation. There will be lots of flowers and lots of gifts and lots of happiness. There will also be lots of visits to cemeteries where saddened offsprings will continue a tradition of love.

My bride was a wonderful and beautiful mother and while I was not one of those she brought into this world, I will visit her place of rest and thank her for the four gifts she left me. And I also will tell her about how her love and leadership continues to inspire the family members she left behind.

Mothers’ Day 2021. It is, it has been and it will continue to be for eternity, countless thousands of mothers have been honored and there hasn’t been one that I know of that didn’t deserve it.

And if I may, I think I’ve just hit upon a pretty good idea. When the controversial statue that has been a long-standing part of the Daviess County Courthouse is finally removed, why don’t we replace it with a large and beautiful statue of a mother who represents all mothers.

That wouldn’t be bad, would it?

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