DCPS teacher arrested on sex abuse charges

Evan M. Harvey

A Daviess County Public Schools teacher and assistant football coach was arrested Thursday on sexual abuse charges stemming from incidents that allegedly occurred last year in Henderson.

Evan M. Harvey, 27, of the 2300 block of Agile Court, was charged Thursday with third-degree sodomy. Court records say the incidents occurred at Central Academy, which is a school for students in grades 6 through 12 in the Henderson school district.

Harvey is currently an exceptional child instructor at Tamarack Elementary School and is also an assistant football coach for the Apollo High School football team. In a statement, DCPS officials said there have been no indications of Harvey behaving inappropriately toward students in the DCPS district.

According to a Henderson Police Department arrest warrant, officers received a report on Sept. 10 of a student who had sexual relations with a teacher at Central Academy during the 2018-19 school year. Reports say the student, who is 16 years old, was interviewed by officers and a social worker the following day. Reports say the juvenile told investigators she had sexual relations with Harvey several times during the previous year at the school.

The juvenile said she and Harvey "would make flirty comments to each other in the classroom and that they also communicated through Snapchat," reports say. "At the time of the interview, the juvenile still had (Harvey's) user name as a friend in her Snapchat account."

Reports say the juvenile told officers "the sexual contact was always consensual and always occurred in his classroom." The juvenile told investigators she would perform sexual acts on Harvey behind wheeled cabinets that he would move so they were out of sight of the room's camera. The juvenile told officers she performed oral sex on Harvey four or five times during the school year, reports say.

When Harvey was interviewed on Sept. 12, he denied the allegations, reports say. Harvey said the juvenile would flirt with him, but he denied having sexual relations with her or sending her messages on Snapchat.

Reports say Harvey admitted to being alone in the classroom with the juvenile during his planning periods.

According to police, several employees at Central Academy were interviewed and they confirmed Harvey's user name was the same as had been found on the juvenile's Snapchat account. One employee told investigators she was uncomfortable in Harvey's classroom "due to the way he inappropriately spoke to the female students," according to reports.

Employees also told officers they saw the juvenile flirting with Harvey, and some reported seeing her "leave his room at the end of the day when no other students were present."

The person who answered the phone at the Henderson Police Department on Thursday said the department would have no comment on the charges.

In a prepared statement, DCPS officials confirmed Harvey was a teacher at Tamarack Elementary School. The statement, from DCPS assistant superintendent for human resources Amy Shutt, said Daviess County officials became aware of the allegations on Sept. 10, and suspended Harvey from teaching.

"There are no allegations of inappropriate behavior involving students at any Daviess County Public School," Shutt said in her statement.

The statement said Harvey will remain on suspension pending the results of the investigation.

Third-degree sodomy is a class D felony. Harvey turned himself in to Henderson police Thursday morning and bonded out on a $10,000 cash bond. Harvey is scheduled to make his first appearance in Henderson District Court on Oct. 15.

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