Kionna Webster has been drawing for as long as she can remember.

The Estes Elementary School fifth-grader is always drawing or doodling, according to Rachel Blair, one of her teachers. That’s the reason that Blair immediately thought of Kionna when considering which of her students would be interested in submitting artwork into the Arts for All Kentucky traveling exhibit called “A Matter of Perspective.”

Arts for All Kentucky is an organization that provides arts education to students with disabilities across the commonwealth, according to its website.

Kionna, 11, has dyslexia and has been working with Blair, a speech and language pathologist at Estes, since she was in kindergarten.

“She has always shown a lot of creativity and artistic ability,” Blair said. “Our special education director informed us of this competition and she immediately popped into my mind.”

Blair actually has a drawing of her family that Kionna completed for her that is based on a photograph of her family on a beach.

“She’s a good student,” Blair said. “She has shown a lot of hard work and effort here at school. She is excelling and doing really well. She struggles in one area, but she really excels in others.”

Kionna said she is happy that her piece, titled “Ghost,” was chosen for the traveling exhibit.

“I did it in a day,” she said. “I just thought of it, and did some free drawing.”

She used pencils, watercolor markers and Sharpies to complete the piece for the exhibit.

The exhibit is made up of 33 works by students with disabilities from 22 schools across Kentucky.

According to information provided by Blair, A Matter of Perspective is an annual juried exhibition of artwork by students in kindergarten through 12th grades. The exhibition is available to schools, libraries, galleries and other public spaces. If there is an organization or location interested in having the exhibition shown, or for those who would like to know more information about the exhibition or the Arts for All program, call 270-904-7019 or visit

Bobbie Hayse,, 270-691-7315

Bobbie Hayse,, 270-691-7315

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Marina Roberts

Universidade Estadual de Indiana agora oferece 4 anos de graduação em engenharia de embalagens e observa a emoção dos alunos por esta decisão. É equipe para eles escolherem o fluxo do amor. Você pode clicar aqui para concluir seu trabalho de pesquisa a preços baratos sobre qualquer assunto. Espero que os alunos tenham um bom desempenho nesse fluxo também.

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