At its 5 p.m. meeting Tuesday on the second floor at the Daviess County Courthouse, Daviess Fiscal Court took up the following agenda items:

• Approved all claims for all departments.

• Approved the Daviess County Sheriff’s Office 2019 tax settlement and quietus.

• Approved budget transfers for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2020.

• Approved applying for the 2020 Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s spay and neuter program grant.

• Approved accepting the 2020/2021 COPS Grant.

• Approved accepting the AmeriCorps (KY READY Corps) Agency agreement for the 2020/2021 program year.

• Voted to delay action on Resolution 18-2020: A resolution regarding the confederate monument, until Aug. 6.

• Approved a contract with the Green River District Health Department relating to employee vaccinations.

• Approved a business associate agreement with Green River District Health Department.

• Approved a contract with MML&K Government Solutions for FY 2020-2021.

• Approved an MOA and lease agreement with Owensboro Community & Technical College for property located at Foors Lane and U.S 231.

Approved renewing the following bids

• 3060: Rock Salt to Compass Minerals

• 15-2019: Bulk Delivered Fuels to Valor Oil

• 16-2019: Recycling Services to Dahl Groezinger

• 26-2019: Concrete Crushing to Complete Demolition

Approved awarding the following bids

• 21-2020: Wood Grinding Services

• 22-2020: Polymer Coated Culvert Pipe

• 23-2020: Two (2) Mowers

• Approved the Daviess County Fiscal Court rate schedule

• Approved appointing Tim Allen #7.2.20 (George Stuart S6T) to the RWRA Board — TERM: 7/1/20 — 7/1/24.

Jacob Mulliken, 270-228-2837,

Jacob Mulliken, 270-228-2837,

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