Greenbelt extension along U.S. 60 nearly complete

Owensboro City Engineer Kevin Collignon

The latest extension of Owensboro's David C. Adkisson Greenbelt Park walking trail along the former U.S. 60 bypass is nearing completion.

After an early wet summer that delayed the project, the contractor -- Envision Contractors LLC -- spent much of August catching up.

City Engineer Kevin Collignon said the trail's base asphalt is done and it's now ready for the final layer of surface asphalt.

But before that happens, he said fencing will be installed along the right-of-way. According to bid records, 360 linear feet of three-rail vinyl fencing will run along the new portion of the trail.

"They're going to do the (asphalt) surfacing almost at the very last," Collignon said. "After the fence is installed, they'll come in and do the surface."

The project's footprint will include a portion of the former U.S. 60 bypass northeast of Ragu Drive to extend the Greenbelt trail from East Byers Avenue, across Kentucky 54 to the intersection of Lagoon Lane and Kentucky 603.

When finished, it will run approximately 1 mile.

Work on the Greenbelt extension began in November 2018. The city's 2019-20 budget is $490,660 for the extension project.

According to bid documents, the trail would require approximately 340 tons of base asphalt material, thermoplastic pavement striping and markings, more than 300 linear feet of storm drainage piping, manhole structures and containers.

An existing portion of the old bypass has been converted into a parking lot and has been seal coated to give a fresh black surface and to make it easier for striping. The parking can be accessed from Lagoon Lane. The road itself will still be maintained but will no longer accept through traffic and will act as a termination point for the Greenbelt.

Collignon said the contractor has until the end of September to complete the project and that no official opening date has been set.

"I would anticipate some time in October," said Collignon about when the public would have access to the trail.

Don Wilkins,, 270-691-7299

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