Lamb celebrates law office opening

Photo by Christie Netherton

Steve Lamb (center) cuts the ribbon in fron of his new law office on Main St. in Calhoun. Standing with him are Linda McClure, Calhoun legal assistant (left) and Jamie Miller, Central City office manager (right).

Steve Lamb opened his new law office on Main Street in Calhoun recently, a process that has been eight months in the making, according to Linda McClure, the legal assistant at Lamb's office.

"Steve now has two offices," McClure said. "He's had an office in Central City for several years and he saw where there was a need for another attorney in McLean County and decided to go ahead and open one here."

Lamb purchased the property around eight months ago, according to McClure, and has been working to renovate the building ever since. She said that the entire building was basically gutted and new walls and flooring put in.

Additionally, Lamb had a conference room built into the back of the building and will be putting a new owning out front and hanging a sign on the side of the building, McClure said.

"I'm just happy to have the opportunity," Lamb said. "It worked out nice."

McClure said that while they haven't quite worked out what days Lamb will spend in Central City versus Calhoun, it will likely be planned around when Muhlenberg and McLean County hold court.

"He is going to diligently try to be here half the time and Central City half the time," McClure said.

McClure said Lamb will be available by phone should anyone need to contact him when he's not in Calhoun. She said in cases of emergency, clients are able to make an appointment to visit with him in Central City if necessary.

"Steve is very flexible and he realizes when people need legal help, they need it then, and he's always been willing to have people come in on evenings or Sundays even if necessary," McClure said.

Lamb will practice criminal law, DUIs, family law, personal injury, civil cases, wills, deeds, and power of attorney.

"Just about everything that someone would need, with the exception of bankruptcies and he will not do disability cases," McClure said.

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