Alex LeCroy, left, trims as Houston Roberts of Hobgood Landscaping & Excavating runs the mower as they take care of the lawn on March 31 at the Holiday Inn Owensboro Riverfront.

Grass is growing quickly these days.

So are weeds.

And lawn care companies are ramping up for a busy season.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, in an article about “10 Small Businesses Thriving During Coronavirus,” says, “As more people than ever are stuck at home due to coronavirus fears, homeowners have much more time to tend to their lawns and gardens. As such, landscaping, gardening, and general yard care companies are seeing unseasonably good business.”

And the National Association of Landscape Professionals says that landscaping is considered an essential business in most states — including Kentucky and Indiana.

That means those companies are still open and still working.

In Owensboro, landscapers and lawn care professionals say they’re seeing a mixed bag so far this spring.

“I’ve had a few people cancel because they’ve lost their jobs and are worried about money,” Aaron Bullington said at Imperial Lawns. “But it hasn’t affected us a lot.”

He said, “We sell mulch too and people are coming in to buy mulch, so they can do their own projects while they’re staying home.”

At Hobgood Landscaping, Zach Hobgood said, “We’re getting a little bit of that (people who don’t want to get out of the house). And there are people who don’t own mowers.”

He said, “We’ve lost a few who have been laid off. But it’s balancing out. It hasn’t had a negative impact on us.”

Hobgood said, “We’re taking every precaution. We clean the equipment before our employees get here each morning.”

He said, “Keeping lawns cut is important. If grass gets a foot or two high, you have insects, snakes and trash. We also clean up trash weekly.”

Courtney Clark at Evergreen Lawn Care said the company is getting some new customers this spring.

Even though, they’re staying home, he said, some people are finding that they just don’t have the time — or the desire — to mow their own lawns.

Larry Roberts at Yellow Banks Lawn & Landscape, said, “It hasn’t affected us yet. But it may if people’s money gets tighter.”

He said, “We’re still working about the same as before. But some of the people who are off have nothing to do but work around the house.”

Keith Lawrence, 270-691-7301

Keith Lawrence, 270-691-7301

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