In today's fast-paced world, the lack of an online presence, especially as a small business owner, can be detrimental.

To aid local job seekers, small business owners, educators and entrepreneurs in improving their digital skills, the Daviess County Public Library along with Google are introducing the "Grow with Google" initiative.

The initiative is a nationwide program led by many of the nation's libraries. The goal is to allow libraries and other nonprofit community centers to aid their communities in evolving their digital prowess in everything from growing their businesses to gaining the tools necessary to find success in an ever-expanding jobs market through hands-on instruction and online resources offered for free through library memberships, said Shannon Sandefur, DCPL community engagement manager.

"There are several different workshops that will be offered through the library's website," she said. "It is another way that we are getting info into customers' hands as opposed to simply checking out a book about marketing."

The library will be holding two workshops on Nov. 4 for small business owners. The first workshop will begin at noon and the second will begin at 5 p.m.

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with meals being offered at both, she said.

"Google has created the presentations and as a nonprofit partner we and our patrons are able to utilize any of these resources free of charge," she said. "There are a lot of wonderful tools that are geared toward business, students and educators, startups, veterans and military families as well as job seekers."

Google brought the initiative to Kentucky in July with presentations at Kenton County Public Library in Erlanger and Warren County Library in Bowling Green. After the presentation on Nov. 4 the Daviess County Public Library will receive a $1,000 grant to go toward more programming involving the initiative, Sandefur said.

"We haven't nailed down which ones we are and are not going to do as of yet," she said. "As a nonprofit partner, we will be able to extend these services to anyone through our website. They will be able to access these resources through their library account to expand their resources and add to the ones that we already provide. It is an exciting program and one that we hope will be beneficial to the community."

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