Tommy and Cathy Mullins will debut their new radio program, “Kentucky Remembers for Faith and Country Radio Show” at 8 a.m. Sunday on Kentucky Wesleyan College’s radio station — WKWC 90.3FM.

The 60-minute show will run in that time slot each week and be repeated at 6 p.m. each Sunday.

Cathy Mullins said each show will “feature a hero who has fallen in service.”

The first show will feature a salute to the Mullins’ son, Brandon, who died in Afghanistan in 2011.

Friday is his 30th birthday.

Mullins said the shows will feature a mix of 60% music — some of her and her husband’s original music along with a blend of traditional gospel and classic contemporary — and 40% talk.

She said, “Interviews, stories and highlights honoring our military heroes and our veterans’ community will be an integral part of the show as well as calendar notes and information about upcoming events in the veterans’ community.”

The music and other segments will blend to tell a story each week, Mullins said.

Tommy Mullins is semi-retired, she said.

“This is his project,” Mullins said. “He’s done some radio work in the past, but this is our first time doing it on a weekly basis.”

The shows will be pre-recorded, she said.

Mullins said, “We’ve been working on this for about six months.”

She said Derik Hancock, the station manager, “is the driving force behind this. He’s helped us along.”

The show is presented by the Brandon Scott Mullins Memorial Foundation in partnership with Kentucky Wesleyan College’s Panther Radio with special underwriting by Glenn’s Funeral Home and Crematory.

Additional underwriting opportunities are available, Mullins said.

She said people can tune in to 90.3FM or click the “Listen Live” links at either or

On mobile devices, they can use either the RadioFX app or the myTuner Radio app, Mullins said.

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