Another Father's Day and more hurtful memories of never having known a father.

Just a little bit strange, isn't it?

You would think that after 87 years a person such as myself would no longer be concerned about such an unfortunate incident. After all, the popular belief is that you can't miss something you never had or somebody you never knew.

There have been many times in my life when I wished that was true.

As mentioned before, my mother later told me my father died when I was 2 years old. At that age and in that period of my life I don't believe there ever was any cuddling or walking hand-in-hand down Hamilton Avenue.

So I didn't know him and should never have missed him?

Knowing other fathers with sons during your early years can make you do a lot of missing.

I've been told as a youngster and later that I heavily favored my father. That would have made him not very pretty but nothing to be concerned about. I don't believe looks had a lot to do with making a good father.

Watching a boyhood friend sitting on the Ohio River bank while his dad rigged up a proper fishing line made me wonder what life really could have been like. Watching a father help his boy build a homemade kite and fly it over the neighborhood told me there was a whole lot of good in having a father.

And it was that way almost every day. There always was something missing because I didn't have a dad. Learning the ins and outs of life would have been a lot easier with fatherly guidance. A thump on the head would have kept me from making the same mistake.

I loved going to church with my mom and often wondered how nice it would have been if my father could have been sitting on the other side, Who knows if I would have ended up being a journalist had my father lived and played a major role in my guidance.

Yep, it's Father's Day again and my two sons will be taking me across the river for a nice dinner at a Tell City restaurant. And my daughters certainly won't forget this special day has arrived.

Good fathers don't go around advertising how they developed that goodness, so I won't try to bowl you over with my fatherly prowess. But I'll enjoy the day and try not to be downtrodden by the fact that my father missed out by checking out.

I ended up making my own homemade kites, building my own skipmobile without the loving eyes of my father watching and going to bed wondering what fun we would have tomorrow.

That fun never came and I'll never know how happy it could have made me.

I do have some advice for a lot of young boys and girls. Make today special for your dad and you will feel a lot better than I do right now.

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