OPD investigating car break-ins

OPD's Andrew Boggess

The Owensboro Police Department is investigating a number of vehicle burglaries that occurred overnight Tuesday in the Trinity Hills and Heartlands neighborhoods.

Officer Andrew Boggess, public information officer for the police department, said OPD received at least six reports Wednesday of thefts from vehicles from the neighborhoods. Trinity Hills is off Old Hartford Road and The Heartlands is on the city's east side. The subdivisions are connected.

Boggess said he anticipates more reports of thefts from vehicles from the neighborhoods in the coming days as more people find items missing.

"I'd venture to say the number is going to be higher," Boggess said.

Officers were still working on reports, so Boggess said he had no information on what items were reported stolen.

"Typically the majority of our thefts (from vehicles) are from unlocked vehicles," Boggess said. OPD officials said previously people should lock their vehicle doors and not leave valuable items in vehicles where they can easily be seen by thieves.

The thefts are under investigation. OPD will also be increasing its patrol activity in those neighborhoods and will be on the lookout for suspicious activity, Boggess said.

"We will increase patrols, obviously, and not only just in the immediate area" of the thefts, he said. "If we know there are people out breaking into vehicles overnight, that makes us more suspicious of people out walking" in the early hours of the morning, he said.

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