Owensboro teen sentenced to prison on robbery charge

D'Koriel Marteze Hobson

An Owensboro man who was a juvenile when he was charged with robbery and burglary was sentenced to 10 years in prison Wednesday in Daviess Circuit Court.

D'Koriel M. Hobson, 18, was 17 years old when he was charged with two counts of first-degree robbery and one count of first-degree burglary in an incident that occurred on Sep 25, 2018. Hobson stood trial in August on the charges, and a jury found him not guilty of one of the robbery charges and the burglary charge, but convicted him on one robbery charge.

Jurors found Hobson guilty of robbing a man in his vehicle at an apartment complex on Fogle Drive. Hobson has three additional cases pending in court on charges of first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary, second-degree burglary, tampering with evidence, possession of a handgun by a minor and promoting contraband.

Steve Boling, Hobson's defense attorney, said because Hobson was a juvenile when the offenses occurred, Hobson was eligible to be placed on probation rather than sent to prison.

The Rev. Clarence Tapp told Circuit Judge Joe Castlen he has ministered to Hobson in jail.

"He's got a lot of remorse, and I feel this young man deserves a chance at probation," Tapp said. Tapp and Boling said Hobson could be placed at Boulware Mission, although Boling said Hobson's remaining charges would have to be resolved first.

Castlen rejected the request for probation, but said Hobson could file a motion for shock probation after serving a short amount of time in prison.

"I'm looking at your age and other factors that weigh in your favor," Castlen said. "I do think you're qualified to seek shock probation."

Hobson said he'd sent letters to the judge in which he apologized to the victims in the incidents. Castlen said while Hobson was only found guilty of one of the two robbery charges, he was facing, "the circumstances of that night are pretty horrendous, and there you are on video."

Court records said surveillance video from the night of the robberies shows Hobson and co-defendant Jaylon D. Hayden, 20, appearing to case the apartment where one of the robberies occurred.

"I think you received quite a beneficial verdict from the jury," Castlen said, adding he might be reluctant to grant shock probation in the future given the nature of the pending cases against him.

"You have very serious offenses, and I have to think about public safety," Castlen said.

The next hearing on Hobson's pending cases is set for Nov. 20.

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