Rice Agri-Marketing celebrates 10 years in county

Rice Agri-Marketing is located at 720 U. S. 431 in Livermore. Founder Jeff Rice said the business has been “very blessed” to be able to grow their business in McLean County.

Rice Agri-Marketing founder Jeff Rice has been in the agriculture business since he was a child and made his transition into the marketing side of farming since then.

His Livermore business is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

Rice said his father was a farmer, and after graduating from Western Kentucky University in 1983, he began his own journey in agriculture.

“There’s a lot of people that focus on the production side and I did, too,” he said. “As a farmer, you think about the production side and it’s important. The marketing side was something I didn’t understand, but it’s a business and you have to market your product.”

Rice worked for Miles Enterprises in Daviess County for more than 23 years before purchasing the building for Rice Agri-Marketing in 2011.

“We’ve been very blessed that we’ve been able to grow our business here,” he said.

Rice Agri-Marketing offers various seeds and agricultural products, as well as services to improve crop marketing and agronomic services such as soil testing, grid sampling, scouting, custom planting, seed treatments and test plots, according to its website.

The business is also a Precision Plating dealer, which means they offer a full line of products and services such as product installs, planter inspections and maintenance, and meter cleaning and testing.

Rice Agri-Marketing’s mission as stated on their website says the business wants to help farmers in every way possible and does so by offering products and services that will make their job easier and increase the profitability of their operation.

Rice said the business sells locally made products by farmers and Kentucky Proud products. It began selling hand sanitizer at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic as another way to support local farmers.

Rice Agri-Marketing does not only focus on helping local farmers. It has helped local charities and ministries in the past and continues to do so in 2021.

The business will be hosting a fundraiser on Feb. 26. The fundraiser is for Friends of Sinners and the Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center.

Another fundraiser Rice is hoping to host this year is for Care Net at the end of August. More details about this fundraiser will come at a later date.

Rice Agri-Marketing is at 720 U. S. 431 in Livermore. For questions about their products and services, call 270-314-4317.

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