Benny Clark is expecting 2,000 people to visit the Twin Lake Estate home he built for Brandon and Cecily Lanham and their four children at 5791 Jack Hinton Road during the Home Builders Association of Owensboro's 61st annual Parade of Homes this weekend and again on June 29 and 30.

The 5,800-square-foot home has four bedrooms, 31/2 baths, a three-car garage -- and its own helipad.

Brandon Lanham uses his Robinson R-44 helicopter for agricultural spraying in the area.

He's an owner in his family's Vortex Air company.

The helicopter will normally stay at the shop, Lanham said.

But when he brings it home, he'll have a parking spot near the garage.

This year, 22 homes are featured in the parade.

That's up from 19 last year and 17 the year before.

The record was 29 in 2007, just before the Great Recession hit.

Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on both Saturdays and 1 to 5 p.m. on both Sundays.

There is no charge for the home tours.

The homes are scattered across the county in subdivisions and on properties provided by the owners.

There's even a condo in Parkside 100 at 100 Allen St.

The Parade's roots go back to Oct. 11, 1959, when the Home Builders Association introduced the concept to the community in an effort to stimulate home buying.

There was only one home that year, and it was built by a committee.

"This is the most houses we've had in more than 10 years," Richard Stallings, executive officer of the home builders association, said Monday. "And we have a really good mix of houses this year."

Homebuilders are having a good year, he said.

Over the past four years, Stallings said, new home starts for the first five months of the year have averaged 82.

This year, permits were issued for 110 new houses during that period, he said.

"There's a lot of demand out there," Stallings said. "To get more existing houses on the market, we need to build more new homes. We could build even more if we had more qualified workers in the housing industry."

Twenty-one different neighborhoods are represented this year.

"We have two new neighborhoods this year," Stallings said. "Bluegrass Commons on Barron Drive and Park Haven near Yellow Creek Park."

The parades, home builders say, are a chance for people thinking about buying or building a house -- and those looking for decorating ideas -- to check out what's new on the market this year.

Clark, owner of Homes By Benny Clark, said the Lanhams wanted their home between two lakes on their 18-acre property near Philpot.

"They've been planning this for five years," he said.

There's a concrete fire pit out front that's built to look like a hollow tree stump.

And there's a tornado-safe room inside.

Lanham said when he got out of the Marine Corps in 2009, he came home to work with his father, Tony Lanham, and his five siblings, who own Western Kentucky Minerals among other businesses.

In 2011, he said, he bought the property for the house and began building the lakes.

In early 2018, Lanham began flying with the family's new agricultural spraying operation.

That's when he got the idea for the helipad at the house he and his wife were planning.

Here are the homes on this year's parade:

1. 5410 Park Haven Bend

KSB Living

2. 3832 Brookfield Drive

Jagoe Homes Inc.

3. 2379 Red Oak Run

Thompson Homes Inc.

4. 5638 Lane Road

Off Kentucky 142

Dan Thomas Custom Homes

5. 5791 Jack Hinton Road


Homes by Benny Clark

6. 4700 Philpot Heights Road


KSB Living

7. 2105 Kentucky 142


Homes by Mattingly Construction Mgt.

8. 6487 Valley Brook Trace

Deer Valley

Jagoe Homes Inc.

9. 2308 Stone Valley Cove

Martin Custom Building

10. 1724 Celebration Circle

Jagoe Homes Inc.

11. 2601 Central Park Court

Jagoe Homes. Inc.

12. 5054 Veach Road

JMJ Custom Homes

13. 601 Pin High Drive


Thompson Homes Inc.

14. 2443 Winning Colors Way

Keeneland Trace

Thompson Homes Inc.

15. 2388 Monroe Ave.

Bluegrass Commons on Barron Drive

Jagoe Homes Inc.

16. 2338 Watson Circle

Bluegrass Commons on Barron Drive

Jagoe Homes Inc.

17. 1868 Wellshurst Drive

Wynthrop Ridge - Kentucky 56

Paul Martin Builders, Inc.

18. 5406 Meadow Grove Drive

Whispering Meadows

O'Bryan Custom Building

19. 6450 Springwood Drive

Woodland Ridge

Ballard Construction Custom Homes

20. 5997 Lee Rudy Road

Off Kentucky 279

JMJ Custom Homes

21. 4782 Windstone Drive

Jagoe Homes Inc.

22. 100 Allen St.

Parkside 100

Jagoe Homes Inc.

Keith Lawrence, 270-691-7301,

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See Wednesday's paper for The Messenger-Inquirer's 2019 Parade of Homes tour guide, a collaboration with tour participants, sponsors and the Homebuilders Association of Owensboro.



See Wednesday's paper for The Messenger-Inquirer's 2019 Parade of Homes tour guide, a collaboration with tour participants, sponsors and the Homebuilders Association of Owensboro.

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