Here are some things I have given a lot of thought to but have not yet found answers for.

For more times than I can possibly fathom, I’ve heard husbands refer to their wives as “my old lady.”

And I’ve always wondered why.

In my case and in a vast majority of cases, men are almost always older than their wives.

So what is it with that “my old lady” bit?

Those of us living near rivers have seldom lost contact with the fact that the long bodies of water rise during periods of heavy rain and tend to drop under extremely dry conditions.

And I know what I’m going to say pushes extreme to the very limit.

A drop of water is just that, a drop of water. And that’s the same with a drop of vanilla flavoring. You can place a drop of water in a rain gauge and it will raise the level of water in that container. Same way with the flavoring substance. Add more than so many drops — say just one — and you’ll likely have more than you need.

See what I’m getting at?

One drop of water is a distinct amount of liquid.

So, if you’re standing on a riverbank with an eyedropper and deposit one drop into that large body of water will it cause that body to rise?

In my sometimes dubious way of seeing things, I believe it will, but not all of the measuring devices in creation would ever be able to record it.

And this gets worse.

On a recent saddened trip to Kingsport, Tennessee and back, I had cause to be in close contact with a global positioning system (GPS) and it again proved to me that miracles never cease to exist.

Think about it.

At any one minute, millions upon millions of Americans are in their automobiles and making use of their GPS systems. And at the same time that all-familiar women’s voice tells you where you are and when you should change directions, and all of those other millions and millions of drivers also are getting direction from what sounds like the same voice.

Hello technology, goodbye sanity.

Because I’m halfway capable of putting words together and having those words published in column form is no sign I’m capable of understanding all of the technical mumbo-jumbo captivating our world today.

Gee whiz, I press a little button a half block from my home and the garage door flies open. Wonder what my grandmother would think about that? She didn’t know what a garage door was.

But that’s OK. I probably wouldn’t know what was going on if I happened to see some young boys shooting marbles or flying kites.

Times change and so do brains.

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